Are you looking for efficient ways to improve sales and revenue on your Ecommerce store and want long-term solutions that actually work? 

If so, then we have 7 picks for the best plugins that can help you boost your sales and bring in leads that matter to you! 

7 WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Sales and Revenue

Below are 7 useful Ecommerce plugins that can boost and increase your sales and revenue: 

  • Refer a friend
  • WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Constant Contact + WooCommerce
  • Points and Rewards for WooCommerce
  • OptinMonster
  • WooCommerce Checkout & Funnel Builder by CartFlows
  • All-in-One SEO (AIOSEO)

Now let’s explore each plugin in detail and see how it can improve your sales and revenue. 

Refer A Friend

Refer a Friend for Woocommerce lets you quickly set up a complete referral program for your site.

Convincing customers to take action is an art and requires a lot of effort and planning. The harder part is to encourage them to take the time to recommend your products to others. 

Luckily, the Refer a Friend for Woocommerce plugin makes it easy, through incentives. When a customer refers your site to a friend, he/she gets incentives to help you grow your site and overall revenue. 

It lets you quickly set up a complete referral program for your site that is customizable. You can allow customers to send referrals through multiple ways and earn rewards. 


  • Offer incentives to both the referrer and the referee.
  • Set up the perfect and complete customer referral program.
  • Allow referrals on multiple platforms.
  • Offer referral and referee discounts.
  • Offer discounts on social sharing.
  • Add custom expiry dates for coupons.
  • Offer discount coupons and discount links.
  • Offer referral details on “my account” pages.
  • Offer discounts to both referrer and referee on registration, and product sales.
  • Offer referrals based on user roles.
  • Display coupon code box on checkout and registration pages.
  • Customize referral email templates as you like. 
  • Offer discounts in fixed amounts, and percentages.
  • Set min and max amount for discounts.
  • Customize initials and coupon codes.
  • Offer limited-period discounts.

Price: The Refer a Friend plugin costs $49 (billed annually). 

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

The WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery can help you create multiple follow-up emails.

With the average cart abandonment rates reaching up to 55-80% according to studies, your business must work on strategies to avoid cart abandonment on your site. 

One way to deal with this issue is to utilize follow-up emails. That way, you can help recover a min of 30% of sales positively impacting your sales and revenue. 

The WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery can help you with that by letting you create multiple follow-up emails and schedule to send them at specific intervals. 

You can add incentives to improve conversion rates and even track your recovery performance through the extension’s built-in analytics. 


  • Offers intuitive abandoned carts and recovery dashboard.
  • Maintains a list of all abandoned carts, cart details, and recovered carts.
  • Maintains a list of all pending orders and email logs.
  • Offers multiple email templates.
  • Lets you set a time delay for sending messages. 
  • Allows you to send emails manually and automatically.
  • Let you customize the email title, and body and include the coupon code.
  • Allows you to set a time after which a cart is declared abandoned.
  • Lets you enable and disable recovery emails for any pending orders.

Price: The Woocommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery costs $59 (billed annually). 

Constant Contact for WooCommerce

With the Constant Contact + Woocommerce you can add a contact form to your WordPress site.

The Constant Contact + Woocommerce adds a contact form to your WordPress site allowing you to quickly capture information from visitors.

With constant contact, create branded emails, sell online, build a website, and make it easy for people to find you. Do it all in one place! 

Constant Contact Forms easily connects your website with your Constant Contact account to help you get started.


  • Creates sign-up forms to convert visitors into mailing list contacts.
  • Tailors the information you collect from your users.
  • Captures email addresses automatically that are added to the Constant Contact email list.

Price: Constant Contact + WooCommerce is open source.


OptinMonster is a plugin that can boost your WooCommerce sales and revenue.

OptinMonster is a useful plugin that can boost your WooCommerce sales and revenue. It also reduces cart abandonment and increases conversions and revenue making it a powerful lead-generation platform you need to try out. 

The plugin intelligently targets your visitors which improves conversions, using behavior automation. Using the plugin you can design beautiful forms as well. Start with their high-performing templates and alter them as you wish. 

OptinMonster’s powerful targeting and segmentation engine let you display personalized messages at the right time due to its behavior automation feature. 

Through personalized messages, you can maximize your engagement, conversions, sales, and revenue.


  • Convert any link or image into an optin form to boost conversions.
  • Use the drag & drop builder to create visually stunning optin forms.
  • Use geo-location targeting for personalized campaigns.
  • Benefit from the Exit-Intent Technology to send targeted messages as the customer leaves.
  • Choose campaign types to display attention-grabbing offers.
  • Use smart triggers and detect visitors’ behavior.
  • Create campaigns that react and adapt in real-time.
  • Use precision targeting to create campaigns.
  • Get the stats that matter and the tools you need to take action.
  • Easily share leads with co-marketing partners.

Price: The OptinMonster plugin basic plan costs $9 (annually billed). 

Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

With Points and Rewards for WooCommerce you can reward your customers for purchases.

The Points and Rewards for WooCommerce allow you to reward your customers for purchases and for taking other actions. Offering incentives and rewards have been shown to improve customer interest and positively impact businesses. 

The plugin allows you to set how many points customers earn for each dollar spent. You can also set how many points can be redeemed for a specific discount. 

You can choose to reward points based on product, category, or global level. You can also control the max discount available while points are being redeemed.

The plugin makes it easy to display customized messages on the product page and the cart/checkout page.


  • Define points earned for purchases.
  • Define the value of points for certain discounts.
  • Control the max discount at the cart, category, and product level.
  • Apply points earned to all previous orders.
  • Quickly adjust the point balance for a certain customer.
  • View a detailed log of all point changes for each customer.

Price: The Points and Rewards for WooCommerce cost $129 and are billed (annually).

WooCommerce Checkout & Funnel Builder by CartFlows

The WooCommerce Checkout & Funnel Builder can help WooCommerce stores sell more.

The WooCommerce Checkout & Funnel Builder helps WooCommerce stores sell more. The plugin makes it simple for site owners to increase checkout conversions within a few minutes. 

You can create unlimited sales funnels and increase your Ecommerce store AOV (Average Order Value). The plugin helps in streamlining store checkout which, in turn, makes shopping easy for customers. 

The modern checkout experience outperforms the default checkout in every way offering frictionless checkout for customers to get you more conversions. 


  • Ready to import checkout templates for every use case.
  • CartFlows work with all the popular page builders.
  • CartFlows provides templates for Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, and Thrive Architect.
  • It offers an optimized checkout version.
  • Lets you create custom thank-you pages for customers. 
  • Helps you make informed decisions based on real-time data. 
  • Lets you add Facebook pixels to your sales funnels to track ROI from your Facebook ads. 
  • Helps you track cart abandonment and recover revenue.

Price: The WooCommerce Checkout & Funnel Builder by CartFlows is open source.

All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

The All in One SEO lets you easily add everything you need for on-page SEO optimization.

When it comes to SEO, there should be no compromise on the right SEO strategies as they can greatly improve your website performance and bring in leads. 

The All in One SEO plugin is the right choice for that matter as it offers multiple benefits in one place. The plugin lets you easily add title tags, keywords, meta descriptions, and everything you need for on-page SEO optimization.

It helps in generating WordPress XML sitemaps automatically and also notifies all search engines in case of any updates.


  • It lets you add title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, etc. quickly and effectively.
  • The All in One SEO has all the tools to rank you higher.
  • It includes a video sitemap generator to rank in Google’s video carousel widget. 
  • Easily integrates with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. 
  • Offers relevant suggestions for internal links.
  • Analyzes your site to detect errors and offers actionable insights.

Price: The All-in-One SEO (AIOSEO) costs $49 for the basic plan (per year). 

Final Words

This article explored 7 plugins that can greatly help you improve sales and revenue

The Refer a Friend for Woocommerce plugin makes it easy to get referrals through incentives while the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin helps lower the cart abandonment rate through email follow-ups. 

The Constant Contact for Woocommerce adds a contact form to your WordPress site allowing you to quickly capture information and use insights for better decision-making. 

On the other hand, the WooCommerce Checkout & Funnel Builder makes it simple for site owners to increase checkout conversions by making the shopping experience easy for customers. 

The OptinMonster is a powerful lead generation tool while AIOSEO is great for improved SEO

Lastly, the Points and Rewards for WooCommerce plugin helps you offer incentives the smart way, improving customer interest and thus your sales. 

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