Everyone despises waiting and the internet appears to amplify our inner impatience. As a result, having your site easier to use keeps customers on your site longer and can even lead to additional sales.

Additional products will load into the website as your consumers navigate with infinite scrolling. Customers will never have to wait for another page to load this way.

Infinite Ajax Scroll enables site designers to construct dynamic interactive paginations. Back-button security. When you scroll between pages, the browser URL is immediately updated. Users can reload or bookmark the page to ensure that they always return to the correct location.

You can use the Unlimited Ajax Scroll for WooCommerce plugin to add infinite scroll to your WooCommerce store. As a result, you may improve your consumers’ browsing experience on both desktop and mobile.

Benefits of Infinite Scroll in Your WooCommerce Store

Use the Unlimited Ajax Scroll for WooCommerce plugin to add infinite scrolling to your WooCommerce store.

Following are the benefits you can get after adding Infinite Scroll to your WooCommerce Store:

  • Increase Page Views.
  • Enhance Mobile Experience.
  • Reduce the rate of Bounce.
  • Keep Visitors Involved.
  • Show More Content to Visitors.
  • Provide an Excellent Spot For Advertising.

Increase Page Views

Increase average time on site and total views by giving users a smooth way to interact with additional material they may not have discovered otherwise.

Enhance Mobile Experience

Equipping your business with the unlimited scrolling option, youcan improve your mobile customer experience.

On mobile devices, pagination can be tough to navigate. While reading your material, a load more experience gives users a native mobile experience. Mobile users will be able to effortlessly scroll down with their phones’ touchscreens.

So, by equipping your business with the unlimited scrolling option, you will dramatically improve your mobile customer experience.

Reduce the Rate of Bounce

By allowing users to access extra content without having particular click events, the infinite scroll has been shown to reduce bounce rates on numerous websites.

Keep Visitors Involved

By allowing visitors to scroll without restriction, you may keep users more interested in your site because they must scroll down to see fresh material.

Furthermore, having no pages on your site means that your users do not have to navigate to the next page to see new material or wait for the site to refresh.

Show More Content to Visitors

Show more content to your visitors.

With the infinite scroll capability, customers will scroll down quickly to see the content without paying too much attention.

Meanwhile, users tend to lose up after a few pages if you use your website’s pages. As a result, infinite scroll is a wise notion for displaying more relevant content to clients.

Provide an Excellent Spot for Advertising

Infinite scroll allows for more places to post advertisements without disrupting the flow of pages. As a result, you can both give clients a smooth shopping and user experience—furthermore position advertisements in different locations throughout their path.

This is a very straightforward plugin for introducing infinite scroll to WooCommerce. Ajax Infinite Scroll adds a little settings menu to your WooCommerce store, allowing you to customize a few options.

You can utilize a load button or Ajax-powered pagination in your business, or you can use standard infinite scroll to load products as the consumer scrolls. The number of products that load at once is determined by the number of products set per page in WooCommerce.

This makes it simple to modify how the plugin operates and eliminates the need for any further settings on your behalf. Use this simple plugin to have unlimited scroll running on your WooCommerce store right away.

Features of WooCommerce Ajax Infinite Scroll

  • WooCommerce Ajax Infinite Scroll uses the simple shortcode builder to create your own Ajax Load More shortcode by modifying the relevant WordPress query parameters.
  • Ajax Load More’s query parameters allow you to query WordPress by a variety of content types. Search by Post Type, Post Format, Date, Category, Tags, Custom Taxonomies, Search Term, Authors, and more criteria!
  • Customize and enhance Ajax Load More’s capabilities by designing your own repeater template to match the style and feel of your website.
  • You can add multiple Ajax Load More instances on the same page, post, or template.
  • The Ajax Load More custom filtering method allows you to filter and update the results of your Ajax queries.
  • Multisite Compatibility enables you to manage repeater templates across all of your network’s sites.
  • Customize your Ajax Load More version by changing various plugin options.

How to Add Infinite Scroll in Your WooCommerce Store

The goal of promoting your business online is to generate leads.

After installing the plugin, you can find it in WordPress Admin Panel > WooCommerce > Infinite Scrolling. Click on Infinite Scrolling to see plugin settings. The general setting tab here will allow you to configure the infinite scroll from one place.

Enable the Extensions – Always check the enable extension option anytime you wish to use the plugin. Uncheck the option to disable the plugin if you need to deactivate it but keep it for later usage.

For Mobile Devices – To remove these settings for customers visiting your product catalog by mobile device, check the box. If you delete these options, the scrolling and pagination settings previously established in your existing theme will be retained.

Choose Various Loading Styles – There are three distinct styles to select from.

  • When you activate infinite scrolling, the customer’s page will load automatically whenever they reach the end of the current page.
  • The Load More Button will display a button for your customer to click in order to view more products. If you choose this option, you should consider Personalize Button.
  • Ajax Pagination allows your customers to view the next/previous page on the same page without having to reload the entire page.
  • None of them allows you to prevent any loading type from being used.

Choose Icon Style – Choose one of three different styles of icons to display the loading process on the front end, or upload your own.

Personalize It – When you choose the Load More Button as your product loading type, you will be presented with three fields in which to customize the load button.

  • Change the backdrop color using RGB codes by clicking on Background Color.
  • Click on Text Color to change the color of the text using RGB codes.
  • Enter a custom command in the Custom Text for Button area.

Hit the save button before leaving the page.

Infinite Scroll and Ajax Pagination for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Infinite Scroll and Ajax Pagination are two more tools for WooCommerce developers to use to allow visitors to scroll endlessly on their sites. The plugin allows users to generate endless scrolls on both WooCommerce and WordPress.

Merchants can choose the appropriate pagination type based on the devices of their users, such as infinite scroll, load more buttons, or Ajax pagination.

Furthermore, WooCommerce Infinite Scroll and Ajax Pagination provide users with 130 product animation options from which to choose.

Key Aspects Includes:

  • Provide three pagination choices.
  • Configure distinct pagination settings for each device.
  • Make your own placeholder image
  • Provide 130 different product animation alternatives.
  • Allow WooCommerce thumbnails to load slowly.

Load More Products Plugin by WooCommerce

Load more products.

You can use the WooCommerce Load More Products Plugin – Infinite Scrolling plugin to allow users to scroll from the top to the bottom of your site without going to the next page.

This addon, as the name implies, allows customers to enable endless scrolling for pagination on your WooCommerce store page. As a result, as consumers scroll down, the products will be displayed to them automatically.

Other pagination alternatives, such as the load more button and Ajax pagination, are available to users in addition to limitless scrolling.

Key Aspects Include:

  • On the WooCommerce shop page, provide three different types of load products.
  • Show more goods automatically.
  • Modify the load more button.
  • Provide a variety of animations.

When to Use an Infinite Scroll Plugin?

It is entirely subjective to choose infinite scroll or pagination as the preferred technique of navigation. There is no right or wrong answer here; it all relies on your preferences and needs.

Visitors are used to specific things and expect certain behaviors depending on the site because both ways are frequently utilized. As a result, selecting the correct navigation system might be really beneficial to you.

Which one is best for you? That is largely determined by your needs, and only you can better examine your circumstance, weigh the pros and cons of each, and make that selection.

In contrast, if your business has fewer products sorted into categories, the endless scroll may be a good solution for you. Because each category will have fewer items, shoppers will have an easier time finding things.

It may also be more convenient for mobile users because scrolling is faster and more natural than clicking small page numbers.

A blog page, on the other hand, may benefit more from unlimited scrolling. Posts will continue to load automatically with limitless scrolling, so users will not have to take any further actions to discover new material. This keeps users interested, and as a result, they will spend more time on the site.

These are just a few examples of things to think about before making a decision. As previously said, there is no right or wrong answer; simply choose what works best for your own situation.

Get The Plugin!

Update your website and enjoy the enormous benefits of the WooCommerce Ajax Infinite Scroll plugin. Make your website and WooCommerce store worth staying and easily accessible to your visitors. Choose the correct plugin for you and make the scrolling easier for the coming traffic.

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