Moderate traffic and increased shopping cart abandonment rate! This combination can make you worry a lot about the conversion rate of your eCommerce store.

However: You are not alone.

Many eCommerce sites have been facing an increased cart abandonment rate. As a result, they rely on myriads of strategies to increase their conversion rate.

But are they all working? Not all the strategies will suit your eCommerce store. But, in this article, we will unveil six essential ways to reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate.

Let’s get started.

How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment on Your Ecommerce Site?

If 80 percent of your traffic brings you around a 50 to 60 percent conversion rate, it is pure bliss. On the contrary, many eCommerce sites have been facing traffic proportional to the shopping cart abandonment rate. When the traffic is high, they face a high cart abandonment rate.

Let us break this chain with our effective ways that eventually will reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate and witness an increase in your conversion graph.

Concentrate on Page Speed

Everyone likes a page that appears just a few milliseconds of their click. If an average website visitor demands a quickly loading page, what about your eCommerce users? Indeed, they are also in need of speed. The below information adds up value to the heading.

For example, when you are attracting more customers through a referral program. What if your site doesn’t load faster and really annoys your visitor? The marketing efforts for your eCommerce store will go in vain.

So, concentrate on boosting the page loading time. It can significantly reduce your store’s shopping cart abandonment rate.

Use Prominent and Straightforward CTA Phrases

Call to Action phrases are undeniably the most effective way to trigger your visitors. The eCommerce users always wish to get directed from the website. In that case, your CTA will become an amazing aid to direct them in the way you want to.

The below example illustrates the perfect CTA example.

Call to Action phrases are undeniably the most effective way to trigger your visitors.

Say, when you are visiting an eCommerce website, you might encounter several CTAs. Many powerful CTA examples have grabbed the attention of visitors. It is how you can use CTA phrases to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

You can also use CTAs as a progress indicator that helps users understand their stage in the purchase. Even CTA colors matter!! Stick to it and make relevant changes in your website to encounter the changes.

Provide Free Shipping

The term “FREE” always creates magic in the user’s shopping experience. Imagine how your users will react when they get a “Free shipping” discount for their favorite items added to their cart. They will more easily take the next step in their purchase cycle.

Why not give a surprise to your users by providing “free shipping” to their products?

Unexpected costs at the checkout process fall as the main reason for the cart abandonment rate. Why not give surprise your users by providing “free shipping” to their products?

On the other hand, you can also offer discounts or coupon codes to make them feel they have availed of the product at the cheapest rate compared to your competitors.

Use Exit-intent Popups

Exit-intent popups have always been true warriors to make visitors rethink their decision when they are about to bounce back. Exit-intent popups track the user activity and appear before them with a coupon code (customizable) that gives them a chance to continue their purchase.

The image below describes what an exit-intent popup can look like.

Exit-intent popup plugins are a great way to interact with users

You can motivate your customers to continue their purchases with the discount or coupon code presented in the popup. You can also use popup forms to ask them to review your site to improve the user experience on your site.

Exit-intent popup plugins are a great way to interact with users in an identical way by utilizing popup forms, gamification popups, etc.

Allow Multiple Payment Methods

Not every user wishes to use credit cards. Few want to use COD or debit cars, and others prefer cryptocurrency.

Nowadays, multiple payment methods have become a common thing. Even offline shops have been accepting online payments through a QR code. You can also glance at the possible payment methods preferred by the customers.

Nowadays, multiple payment methods have become a common thing.

Let us assume a customer has successfully added items to the cart and is navigating to the checkout page. What if you are accepting only credit cards, and the customer wants to use Paytm? As a result, the customer would jump from your site and prefer your competitor.

In that case, every eCommerce store must ease the payment process of their customers.

When you provide multiple payment methods, it will be more flexible for the customers to complete their checkout process.

Use Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

So far, we have been discussing ways to make the customer complete the purchase. But what if they have bounced back and never return for a while? Here, you can rely on the abandoned cart recovery emails.

Abandoned cart recovery emails seem to be the best interactive way to make your customers come back to the store. You can send them coupon codes or attractive discounts for the products they left in their cart.

Abandoned cart recovery emails seem to be the best interactive way to make your customers come back to the store.

It is also necessary to increase the open rate of your abandoned cart recovery emails. Try to customize your abandoned cart email campaign with actionable subject lines.

When the subject lines are created with attractive and enticing subject lines, the open rate of the abandoned cart recovery emails increases, once the visitor comes back to your website after seeing your email, you can use the above-said ways to proceed further.

Bottom Line

According to Forrester’s study, over 80 percent of shoppers abandon their carts. Yes, the number is not small. Every eCommerce site owner has the urge to take steps that curb their abandoned cart recovery rate.

Among the plethora of ways to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate, these six ways have helped many eCommerce stores. And, the methods have almost addressed the common problems faced by many eCommerce owners.

Do not forget to try the above mention ways and also don’t forget to track the results. A/B testing always helps to tune your efforts and improves the conversion rate of your website. I hope it helps! Cheers!!

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