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WP Webify was established in September 2020 by Peter Nilsson.

We are a website dedicated to exploring the latest and greatest WordPress news, themes, plugins, and web tools. Our website is a place to discover beneficial and excellent web-related tips and information.

Having been active in the WordPress community for over fifteen years, our team shares our experience with WordPress. Furthermore, we love to help all WordPress beginners and enthusiasts get started and work with WordPress like professionals.

We strive to be a valuable resource within the WordPress community.

Peter Nilsson, the Founder of WP Webify

In addition to WP Webify, Peter Nilsson is the creator and founder of well-known WordPress blogs such as WP Newsify, WP Pluginsify, and WP Daily Themes.

Over the past fourteen years, Peter has worked with the WordPress content management system.

Still, he believes WordPress is a great tool for creating and publishing websites, projects, and all kinds of eCommerce businesses.

Numerous popular and reputable blogs have interviewed and mentioned Peter Nilsson and his websites, such as:

Peter Nilsson and WP Webify Interviews

Peter Nilsson from WP Webify

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