As an online store owner, you want to be able to customize your emails so that each template looks unique and reflects your brand. What’s more, you don’t want to be bogged down in a long and complicated process to achieve this.

The good news is that I find out there are smarter and faster ways to customize the WooCommerce email template per product!

In this blog post, you will learn how to create a unique and customized look for every product email with four tactics. By the end of this article, you will be a pro at customizing your WooCommerce email template variable per product.

Why You Should Customize Your WooCommerce Email Variables per Product

Up-selling and cross-selling to your WooCommerce customers is a breeze when you take advantage of WooCommerce email template variables.

Including relevant product information in your emails can make it easy for customers to find the products they’re interested in and purchase them directly from the email. So it’s worth taking the time to customize your WooCommerce email template variables per each product.

Additionally, you should use personalization techniques to make the customer feel like the email was tailored specifically for them. You know, personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates.

This will help to ensure that your emails are more targeted, and bring about a more personal and intimate user experience that will ultimately lead to more engagement and of course sales!

Curious about how to customize your dynamic WooCommerce email variables per product? In the next part, you will find different ways to do just that! Adding shortcodes, applying conditional logic, and an even smarter way – using predesigned blocks in YayMail!

Let’s get started.

Customize WooCommerce Email Template per Product With Predesigned Block

Unlock the ease in adding dynamic content in the WooCommerce email template with the latest advanced features – Predesigned Block.

Time is of the essence, and there are quite a few plugins out there with pre-designed block features to help save you time. YayMail Pro – WooCommerce Email Customizer is my top pick to create dynamic content with its flexible and ready-made blocks.

A YayMail predesigned block creates multi-column sections that let you craft your dynamic content and tweak your messaging to your customer’s heart.

You can easily find these blocks in the YayMail Pro editor → ElementsBlocks. You can choose from 3 types of blocks to personalize your WooCommerce email variables per product including Featured Products, Simple Offers, and Single Banner. 

Customize WooCommerce email template per product with predesigned block.

Featured Products

With the Featured Products block, you can customize your ready-made Featured Product section to fit your requirements! 

It allows you to automatically retrieve product images, names, prices, etc. from your products list with just a few clicks in the checkboxes. Just make your recommended product block look exactly the way you want it to.

With the Featured Products block, you can customize your ready-made Featured Product section to fit your requirements!

You have the freedom to select which products you want to feature in the block! Think of Recently updated products, Related products, or products with a specific category/tag – the possibilities are endless!

Choose products you want to feature in the block.

Moreover, you can make YayMail Pro with YayMail Addon for Conditional logic your go-to for displaying any block with the conditions that matter to you! Show it if you want to base it on the billing country, product category, minimum/maximum order, payment method, shipping method, or coupon codes – the choice is yours.

You can use YayMail Pro with YayMail Addon for Conditional logic for displaying any block with the conditions that matter to you!

Single Offer

It’s never been easier to up the ante on your WooCommerce emails! Score major points with your customers by adding a coupon to your WooCommerce emails with Single Offer Predesigned Blocks. 

Add a coupon to your WooCommerce emails with Single Offer Predesigned Blocks.

A catchy tagline and clickable CTA button make it easy for shoppers to jump right into their next sale on your website – all with the click of a button. Make it rain discounts and watch your conversions soar!

Now I’m taking the plunge and testing out the Simple Offer pre-designed block of Yaymail with the YayMail Addon for Conditional logic

I want to make sure that the WooCommerce email only displays the coupon offer when the product category is Hoodie. So I give it a whirl and see the result on a specific order (515). And it works well.

Add coupons to your WooCommerce emails with Single Offer Predesigned Blocks.

Single Banner

You also can see there is a stunning top banner of this WooCommerce email template. Creating this banner was a breeze for me.

Create a stunning top banner of this WooCommerce email template.

All I did was drag the Single Banner Block element to the email editor, update the background, edit the text to my liking and tweak the CTA button for some extra pizazz. And just like that – presto! It was complete.

Read this if you desire more tips on nailing your WooCommerce email banner: How to Design an Amazing Black Friday Banner with YayMail Blocks

3 Other Ways To Customize WooCommerce Email Template Variables per Product

Dynamically Input Additional Detail Using Shortcode

WooCommerce shortcodes in YayMail are handy placeholders that manage all sorts of information, like store name, URL, customer email, order details, and more. Plus, they’re so easy to use – all you have to do is add them to your emails and you’re all set to go!

With just a few clicks, you can spruce it up with a wide selection of shortcodes:

  • Check out the Shortcode dropdown in the left panel.
  • Take your pick from a range of categories and handy descriptions to choose from.
  • Just click, and watch it appear in the text editor!
Dynamically input additional detail using Shortcodes.

Using WooCommerce Elements for Additional Content on Order Detail

YayMail editor’s WooCommerce elements provide a basic way to present your order details! Just take a look at this example where I’ve easily drag-and-dropped the Order Detail element to include all the essential information. Simple yet vital – you don’t want to miss out!

YayMail editor's WooCommerce elements provide a basic way to present your order details!

Using Conditional Email Logic To Personalize WooCommerce Email Templates

Don’t settle for boring emails that say the same thing to all your customers! With YayMail and Email Conditional Logic Addon, you’ll be able to customize emails based on your desired criteria. 

Download YayMail – WooCommerce Email Customizer for free and get the Conditional Logic Addon for YayMail! Then watch your WooCommerce Element menu transform – you’ll have an email customizer with the conditional logic options integrated in no time.

Use Conditional Email Logic to personalize WooCommerce email templates.

You can refer to more tactics and tips to create a seamless conditional logic to your WooCommerce emails here: How to Add Conditional Logic to WooCommerce Emails (2022)

Now you may want to see how YayMail works in live action. Watch this video on How to Customize your Woocommerce Emails so they Convert Better.

To Sum Up

All in all, YayMail is a powerful tool for merchants to create customized WooCommerce custom emails per product. With the help of its predesigned blocks feature, it’s easy to design attractive templates for each product that can be used for multiple purposes. 

YayMail also offers other features such as drag-and-drop WooCommerce elements, various shortcodes, conditional logic addons, etc. to make your email correspondence stand out. 

Now it’s your turn to customize the WooCommerce email template in the smartest and the most time-saving way with YayMail

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