Since WordPress’s release in 2003, WordPress has become one of the most popular blogging and content management systems around the world. In its close to 20-year history, this platform has seen some major improvements in features and UI/UX. 

There’s no denying the fact that WordPress is good; that’s why more than 43% of the currently-running websites are powered by WordPress.

So obviously, people like to design and create their websites with WordPress, which is why they are always looking for new WordPress trends to improve the website’s appearance and functionality.

When you hire an expert WordPress Developer, make sure they are updated with the latest WordPress trends, as that would mean they will create a website most in-tune with what people like. 

Here are a few of the most useful WordPress trends that will help you create the best WordPress blogs and websites:

WordPress Trends 2024

Headless WordPress

Many web development enterprises already use headless technology.
Image Courtesy- Vue Storefront

More than 64% of web development enterprises already use headless technology because it makes adding and managing the backend contents easier for the developers. As for the dedicated WordPress developers who don’t use it yet, they plan to start in the near future.

With headless technology, you can easily avail the content to the clients via API or Application Programming Interface (API). The clients can view the contents on any device without any presentation or UI layer. The only difference between normal and headless WordPress is the way the backend contents are delivered to the clients.

Another advantage of using headless WordPress is that this technology ensures better security from cybercriminals accessing the website and lets the developers improve the performance and flexibility of the web pages without any issues. 

VR-optimized WordPress Themes

Virtual reality has been one of the biggest phenomena for the past decade. Now with VR-optimized WordPress themes, it has become one of the latest WordPress trends to look out for.

These themes have especially been popular with showcase websites. For example, if you are a furniture company, you can have a VR corner on your website through which all the latest furniture can be showcased in a real-world environment, like a customer’s living room.

That’s why more and more companies are going to hire dedicated WordPress developers to incorporate VR into their websites. 

3D Color Effects

when creating new websites WordPress developers tend to go for 3D color effects.
Image Courtesy- Wikimedia

Sometimes, how the website looks is almost as much, if not more important, than how it functions. That’s why, nowadays, when creating new websites, especially those targeting younger audiences, experienced WordPress developers tend to go for 3D color effects.

It helps the website stand out from the crowd and ensures the visitor spends more time browsing the web pages, which will improve sales and revenue.

When it comes to WordPress, there are several WordPress themes with 3D effects in the color schemes and logo designs. Moreover, it makes the website look more eye-catching and interactive, which will ensure you have more recurring visitors and a better ROI.

Here are some beautiful 3D WordPress themes you can use for your website.

If you are looking for a functional website with an attractive look for your up-and-coming business, hire an expert WordPress Developer skilled in 3D color effects. 

Voice Search Optimization

One of the primary purposes of a website is to reach as many people as possible. So the accessibility must be top-notch, for which you will need to include voice search on your website.

Mobile devices account for almost 60% of web traffic, and one of the biggest factors that encourage mobile web users is voice search. It is almost always better to speak and describe what you want to search for rather than type it.

Here are some WordPress plugins with voice search functionality that can help your visitors provide a better user experience.

  • Universal Voice Search – With this free plugin you can add a voice search function to your website. The plugin supports over 130 languages.
  • Voice Search – This free plugin allows your visitors to search your website using their voice, which can provide a better search experience for your visitors.
  • WP Fastest Site Search – When using this free plugin you can easily add a completely free voice search capability to your site.

That’s why the voice search trend is starting to seep its way into WordPress web design and development. So if you are a WordPress website developer, try to incorporate new WordPress trends like voice search in your website. 

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive web apps or PWA is one of the latest WordPress trends that helps websites load faster
Image Courtesy- Diego González-Zúñiga

One of the significant aspects of any website is its loading time. The user will stay on the page if the website loads fast and well. But if it takes time to load, the user might just skip it for the next alternative.

Progressive web apps or PWA is one of the latest WordPress trends that helps websites load faster and provide the users with an app-like UI/UX. Not only do the PWA websites have a more responsive design and interface, but they can also be installed on smartphones, which is always a plus.

Of course, there are WordPress plugins that support, Progressive Web Apps, (PWA) that can combine the best of web and mobile apps.

  • Super Progressive Web Apps – The Super Progressive Web Apps free WordPress plugin allows you to convert your WordPress website into a Progressive Web App.
  • Instantify – Instantify is a premium plugin that combines PWA, Google AMP, and FBIA for better performance and user experience on your platform.
  • PWA – With the PWA free WordPress plugin you can convert your website into a Progressive Web App and combine the best of mobile web and mobile apps.

Another advantage of PWA is efficient loading in a slow network and better security. The WordPress library contains several PWA plugins, which you can install and make your website fast, light, and more secure. That’s why if you want a new website, hire an expert WordPress Developer proficient in PWA.

Multipurpose Themes

Since it was first released around two decades ago, WordPress has had themes that can help enhance and improve your website’s layout and design.

Along with the web design features, multipurpose themes have integrated plugins and customizations, and these themes can be used to manage multiple websites at the same time.

That’s why more and more WordPress website developers are using this new WordPress trend. Every multipurpose theme has its template and a unique set of features.

So major corporations can use them for fully functional corporate websites, business portfolio pages, eCommerce storefronts, or blogging sites. 

Here are some multipurpose WordPress themes you can use for your website for various purposes that suit your focus.

  • Astra – Astra is a lightweight and highly customizable WordPress theme. The theme is available in both a free and a premium version.
  • Avada – Avada is a popular multipurpose WordPress theme and is and has been the best-selling WordPress theme on ThemeForest for many years.
  • Total – Total is a responsive and multipurpose WordPress theme that you can use to create a website for various purposes such as a blog, online store, agency, and more.

Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders

Divi is a very popular WordPress drag-and-drop page builder.

One of the biggest highlights of WordPress is that anyone without any prior knowledge or training can design and create a website with WordPress.

If you are just starting your business and need a website, you don’t have to hire an expert WordPress developer. Instead, you can create the website yourself without any prior training.

Another advantage of WordPress for the experts is that it allows customization with features like drag-and-drop page builders like WPBakery, Divi, Elementor, etc.

  • Divi is a popular drag-and-drop page builder that lets you preview your design as you build it so that you can easily add and edit anything you and your client desire during the build.
  • WPBakery – With the WPBakery front-end and back-end page builder plugin you can easily create great-looking pages with content elements, a skin builder to tweak the design, and much more with no programming knowledge required.
  • In Elementor, you can move the piece of the page anywhere on the page, and it offers more than 90 widgets and 300 templates.

There are several other drag-and-drop page builders that experienced WordPress developers use to make websites look and function better than ever. 


Although Parallax scrolling has been around for years, it is still popular WordPress trends. In Parallax scrolling, when you scroll through a page, the content in the background moves slower than the content you see on screen.

Developers usually incorporate parallax scrolling in single-page websites. There are many Parallax plugins available on WordPress, which you can incorporate into your website to start Parallax Scrolling. 

Here are some free Parallax plugins.

  • Parallax Section Block – With the Parallax Section Block plugin you can add Parallax effects on your homepage, landing pages, sales pages, and more. No technical knowledge is needed.
  • Parallax Slider Block – Parallax Slider Block is a free plugin that you can use to add parallax scrolling effects. Furthermore, you can customize images, speed, effects, and more.
  • Advanced WordPress Backgrounds – With this WordPress plugin it is possible to add image Parallax backgrounds to block sites. The plugin has many configuration options such as speed, scroll effects, scale effects, opacity, and more.

Gutenberg Enhancements

The Gutenberg editor has been among the biggest WordPress trends for a few years.

Gutenberg editor has been among the biggest WordPress trends for a few years. Even though it was among the most awaited features when it was released in the fifth version of WordPress in 2018.

However, people weren’t happy when it came out because of all the bugs and user difficulties. But since then, it has gotten several new features, and the updates have also resolved most of the bugs.

The current Gutenberg 13.8 offers fluid typography, revamped Quote block, Template parts, UX enhancements, accessibility improvements, etc.

One of the biggest highlights of the Gutenberg editor is that you can add background color without writing a single piece of code. That’s why experienced WordPress developers prefer it.

Full Site Editing (FSE)

Full site editing, FSE is one of the primary features that was introduced in the later versions of WordPress. It helps the developers make significant, full-scale changes to the web layout and design with the help of GUI, moving WordPress one step closer to a full-fledged page builder.

With FSE, you can create and edit the page elements, like the header and footer, in a block-based GUI. It offers users a singular workflow so that they can make changes to their websites more effortlessly. This feature has transformed the way developers edit their navigation menus and develop themes. 


One of the most popular WordPress trends is infographics.

One of the most popular WordPress trends, infographics, is used to create information graphics, interactive charts, and even maps.

It is quite popular with newsrooms, students, marketing departments, and bloggers around the world. It helps understand and perceive the information in an easier and better way.

WordPress website developers use it to show analytics and polls, which makes ordinary information seem more interesting.

However, if you are interested in creating infographics, there are many online tools (some of them free) that you can use to create and visualize information in an organized way.

Here are some online tools for creating infographics.

  • Canva Free Infographic Maker – With Canvas free/freemium infographics maker you can create infographics in minutes. Choose an infographic template, add information, and create your infographic.
  • Venngage – Venngage is somewhat similar to Canva, offering a free version and several premium plans. Furthermore, you can use their pre-made infographic templates to create your infographics.
  • Infogram – Infogram is an online tool for creating engaging infographics that will increase the engagement of your visitors.

Furthermore, if you want to show all kinds of data and analytics, and think it is too difficult to create your own infographics, you can hire an expert WordPress developer who is skilled at creating and maintaining high-quality infographics.

Dark Mode

It is one of the most popular trends around the world and WordPress trends. Some people love the dark mode because they are used to having a darker theme on their phones.

Others prefer them for the nighttime because bright displays hurt their eyes in the dark. But whatever the reason is, a dark mode can be seen in almost every major application and website.

There are several WordPress themes and plugins you can use to implement dark mode and give your visitors an eye-pleasing user experience.

  • WP Dark Mode – With the WP Dark Mode plugin you can create a beautiful dark version of your WordPress website. The plugin is available in both a free and premium version.
  • Networker – WordPress Theme with Dark Mode – Networker is a modern premium WordPress theme that can be used with great-looking Dark Mode which helps you focus on the content.
  • DarkMySite – WP Dark Mode – The free DarkMySite plugin enables you to add a Dark mode to your WordPress site so your visitors can enjoy your content without straining their eyes.

Another benefit of switching to dark mode is that it helps the customer better focus on the contents on the screen. So make sure your WordPress developer incorporates a dark mode on your website. 


A lot of websites use chatbots to ensure customers can ask questions about the website and the company.

Almost every company’s website uses chatbots to ensure customers can ask questions about the website and the company.

Because the chatbots have several responses already fed by the developers, people can get the answers or solutions to their questions and queries almost immediately.

Moreover, if the queries are beyond chatbots, the system can transfer them to a company representative. 

There are of course plugins that can help you integrate chatbots on your WordPress website. Here are some free chatbot plugins that you can download from the WordPress plugin repository.

  • Tidio – Live Chat, Chatbots & Email Integration – Tidio is a popular plugin and one of the most downloaded plugins for live chat, chatbots, and email integration. Install the plugin, select chatbot templates, and use the drag-and-drop visual editor to create chatbots.
  • WP-Chatbot for Messenger – WP-Chatbot uses OmniChat by MobileMonkey which is a patent-pending technology for creating a chatbot via a chat widget. The plugin is easily installed through a one-click installation and the chatbot and live chat are live 24/7.
  • ChatBot – The ChatBot plugin is easy to install and use. View text responses, FAQs, emails, and more. No coding is required. The ChatBot also works with any language.

Mobile-first Themes

More than 62% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. So many people prefer mobile websites and apps because of their user-friendliness, ease of storage, etc., and because they can get vital information on the go.

So it would be unwise not to optimize your website for mobile usage. Not only will it improve user-friendliness and user interface, but it will also increase site traffic significantly.

So many dedicated WordPress developers are focusing on mobile-friendliness to ensure better click rate and conversion rates. 

Low or No-code Tools

One of the highlights of WordPress is the fact that anyone can create a website through it with ease. So the experts predict a rise in low-code or no-code design and development tools shortly. 


Microinteractions are small details that change when the user hovers their mouse over the web page.
Image Courtesy – Nielsen Norman Group

Microinteractions are little details that change when the user hovers their mouse over the web page, which gives them the impression that they are actively interacting with the page.

For example, if you use Facebook on PC, you will see when you take your mouse on any emoji to react to a post, it will enlarge the emoji and show a little animation of what it is meant to be. These micro-interactions help create a little interest for the website, which means more recurrent site traffic. 

These WordPress trends have been popular for two reasons. They improve the website’s functionality, user-friendliness, and appearance, and they increase web traffic.

So if you are a web developer designing and creating a new website, it would be best to follow these WordPress trends and make something people will be into. 


WordPress controls more than 60% of the CMS market share, and with more and more businesses moving online, this number is only expected to go up. As the technology moves forward, this platform will also see significant evolution and increasingly popular new WordPress trends.

But no matter what changes come up, WordPress will become more user-friendly and functionally superior to its competitors. 

Experts also suggest that WordPress won’t just be a content management system for websites in the future. It will also become a powerful framework for creating, running, and managing all kinds of web and mobile applications. 

Then there is the mighty WordPress Community. This enthusiast-based community is all set to become even more powerful than it is now, and when people share their experiences, the quality will increase considerably. 

So whether you are a multinational organization or a local business looking to align with the technology to increase its business, it would be best to hire an expert WordPress developer for your website development and follow the latest WordPress trends.

Which WordPress trends do you think will stand out in the coming years? Feel free to comment on your predictions of WordPress trends in the comment field below.

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