Around 50 plugins are in the WordPress repository by searching the tag “artificial intelligence” (AI). Other plugins from the repository include AI components but weren’t tagged in this respect.

I bet you will find way more plugins by searching the same tag in the next year or two. Also, “how to use artificial intelligence to improve your site” will be a heavily used keyword in a few years.

You’d better stay ahead of the competitors and look for ways to leverage the AI advantage from this very moment. AI is still in its infancy stage, but it may bring benefits.

What Is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a computer science branch developing machines able to accomplish tasks requiring human intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is a computer science branch concerned with developing machines able to accomplish tasks requiring human intelligence.

In simpler terms, AI creates machines to replace humans’ work, especially tedious, monotonous tasks. AI helps in automatization and handling complex tasks. Also, AI-based tools continuously learn from previous activities and improve their effectiveness.

Do you believe that AI still doesn’t impact your life? Have you ever listened to one of the playlists created especially for you by Spotify? Have you ever watched a movie recommended by Netflix? Well, these suggestions are all based on AI. Hence, you have already benefited from AI.

The impact of AI on web development is moderate, but the premise is that in the next few years, it will change the way we craft sites. You hear that AI takes jobs from humans; there is a harsh debate about the predicted high unemployment rate because of AI.

To some extent, it’s true, but it’s important to mention that AI will generate new jobs. Designers and developers will continue building sites for many years. Certainly, AI will force everyone to improve and learn new things continually.

How AI May Improve Your WordPress Website

You may put AI to work on your site by installing plugins or using AI-based tools. The following are the areas where leveraging AI power is accessible to the majority of webmasters.

Website Creation

Currently, AI doesn’t help developers to create outstanding WordPress themes and plugins. WordPress developers breathe more easily, but it’s only a matter of time until AI enters this market.

Wix is one of the WordPress competitors; it’s a drag-and-drop site builder, famous for its ease of use and innovative approach.

Back in 2016, Wix introduced Wix Artificial Intelligence Design (Wix ADI) – an AI-based tool to create websites. The users need to answer a few questions like the type of website they want to create, the web pages needed, and the site style. Depending on your choice, Wix ADI creates a new Wix site, especially for you.

Wix is a pioneer in bringing AI to website creation, but it’s not the only one. is a web tool aimed at helping designers to create stunning work. Use it to improve landing pages but also to develop striking flyers and brochures.

Wix is a a drag-and-drop site builder, famous for its ease of use and innovative approach.

It takes a lot of time and money to write the HTML code from a designer’s sketches. What would you say if I told you there is an AI tool that transforms your handwritten sketches into valid HTML code? Do you want to revamp your homepage? Just sketch the homepage layout, use Sketch2Code, get the HTML code, and upload it to your site.

Website Accessibility

Webmasters unfairly ignore website accessibility, and certainly, this situation can’t go on anymore. People with special needs should have equal opportunities to visit a website just like everyone else. AI promises to resolve some website accessibility issues. Some of them are pretty complicated, while others are straightforward.

Choosing a good color scheme is more complicated than it seems. It’s not only about choosing colors that match your logo and site, but these should ensure good contrast. A lack of contrast frustrates people with special needs.

Khroma is an AI tool that helps you to choose the proper color scheme. Use it confidently to improve the colors of your site.

Accessibe is a complex tool to improve your site accessibility. It does a lot of things to make site navigation a real pleasure for every kind of user. It improves the menus, buttons, forms, and images. Of course, it won’t be possible without AI.


Unlike a human, Chatbot are available 365/12/7

If you want to use artificial intelligence to improve your site, you are most likely thinking of chatbots. They simplify communication with clients and reduce the operational costs of a business.

As a result, chatbots are installed on many sites. People prefer human-to-human interaction, but we all understand that a chatbot is more cost-effective. Unlike a human, a chatbot is available 365/12/7, constantly self-improves, and doesn’t need a break.  

On the other hand, chatbots are far from perfect; the best approach is to use chatbots as well as human support agents to step in for particular cases. Luckily, there are a variety of chatbot options, so you have alternatives.

Facebook Messenger bots are excellent solutions to keep in touch with leads and clients. Facebook massively invests in AI improvement; hence these boots will become more and more effective.

Botsify is an all-around bot available for on-site implementation, but it’s also available for Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and SMS.

Landbot is an easy-to-install and customizable bot, suitable even for non-coders. Some other cool chatbot plugins are available on the WordPress repository. Briefly, you have plenty of options to install a chatbot on your site.

Content Production

Content creation is an intense process that takes a lot of time. It depends on the state and the inspiration of the content creators. Currently, AI can’t successfully replace human contribution.

Still, some tools show that there is potential for AI to replace human creativity. Articoolo is a good example in this respect. It writes, rewrites, and summarizes articles, but the quality of the products is below a decent writer’s standards.

A more productive approach is the use of AI tools for polishing human work. Grammarly is the most used writing assistant. It’s based on AI, and it’s a considerable helper; Grammarly saved me from making grammar typos countless times.

Grammarly isn’t the only AI-based writing assistant; dozens of writing assistants do the same quality work. Don’t consider them a simple grammar checker – most of them rate the texts, offer suggestions, and determine your documents’ style.

Content doesn’t mean only writing. Most webmasters use videos and images to grow user engagement. Canva is an AI-based tool famous for assisting so many people in creating visual content.


People are happy when they feel special, and they feel special when you offer them a personalized experience. Marketers do everything possible to make customers feel that they are the most important. As a webmaster, you interact less with customers than marketers, but you can do a lot to delight site visitors.

Personalization is a good modality of delighting site visitors and customers. Do you recall the Spotify and Netflix examples at the beginning of the article? You appreciate that your preferences are important to both Spotify and Netflix.

The same appreciation has for people who land on your blog and check the suggested posts. It shows that you want to offer them a complete perspective. Sites with the best user experience are ranked higher by search engines. You have solid reasons to satisfy users and create content for their needs, personalized for their issues.

A few plugins to offer suggestions are in the WordPress repository, but almost all of them haven’t been tested against the latest WordPress versions. These may put down your site, so I don’t recommend them.

Bibblio is a complex AI tool for boosting user engagement through personalization. It has many other functions, but it comes with a price inaccessible to small and medium sites.

Adobe Target and Hyperise are two fabulous competitors, but the prices are also quite high for most webmasters.

Search Engine Optimization

In the ultra-competitive market of WordPress SEO plugins, WordLift distinguishes itself by leveraging AI. SEO is a huge, complicated matter, and AI has the potential to undeceive SEO myths and practices.

Sadly, WordLift has a higher price compared to all WordPress SEO plugins, but it comes with a fresh approach to optimizing your site.

SEO is a complicated matter, but AI has the potential to undeceive the SEO myths and practices.

Data interpretation becomes more and more important in SEO. It’s a waste of time to implement SEO measures without a correct data interpretation. Lots of AI-based tools provide excellent solutions to interpret data from your site correctly.

Can I Rank push the envelope and give strategic recommendations to the webmasters by analyzing your site?

Over to You

You have a clearer idea about using artificial intelligence to improve your site after reading this post. AI has a huge potential, and it’s 100% sure that it will impact web design and development. You have no choice but to adopt it for your online business.

Do you have a different opinion? Did I miss an area where Artificial Intelligence might influence the way of creating websites? Leave a comment with your ideas; it’s exciting to find out what webmasters and WordPress lovers think about AI. 

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