You have probably heard rumors about Web3, and may be feeling dazed! Some say that it’s the new way of crafting sites and apps and has plenty of cool features. Others say that it’s just a scam! The truth is something in between.

Indeed, Web3 is an attempt to revolutionize the entire Internet. Yet, it’s in the very early stages and many escrows manage to steal funds or cheat investors.

Nowadays, investors, entrepreneurs, and developers work hard to develop Web3 principles, techniques, and tools. Thousands of projects try to solve specific issues in this area, but only a few of them do. Many of them will fail, while some will bring real value.

Interested in contributing to Web3? Despite the turbulent economic conditions, Web3 projects are looking for people to join. However, you need to have decent knowledge and skills.

The following useful resources to learn Web3 development should be a good start to earning the needed skills to get a job in the Web3 revolution.

Learn Web3 Development – 15 Useful Resources

Blockchain Specialization

The State University of New York offers a Blockchain specialization on Coursera.

Blockchain Specialization – As I mentioned, Web3 is in its infancy and only a handful of institutions are aware of its potential. Yet, there are some notable academic institutions that treat Web3 seriously.

The State University of New York offers a Blockchain specialization on Coursera. It encompasses four courses:

  • Blockchain basics;
  • Smart contracts;
  • Decentralized applications;
  • Blockchain platforms.

You get a certification of completion at the end of the specialization which can impress a recruiter. This specialization covers generalities, so it’s perfect for beginners, but even more advanced users may thoughtfully study how blockchains work.  

Ethereum Learning Hub

Ethereum Learning Hub includes a plethora of useful information.

Ethereum Learning Hub – Ethereum is the second-most popular blockchain, after Bitcoin. Keep an eye on Ethereum, as it allows deploying smart contracts, which Bitcoin doesn’t. Many experts think that Ethereum might become the most popular blockchain in the coming years.

Under these circumstances, checking out the Ethereum Learning Hub is almost mandatory. It includes a plethora of useful information on:

  • Ethereum and ETH.
  • Web3 applications.
  • Ethereum protocol.
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi).
  • Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO).
  • Wallets, staking, mining, and tokenomics.

In addition to all this, the documentation is pretty solid and helps you better understand the mechanism behind this blockchain. The Tutorials and Learn by Coding sections are great for practicing and building your first Web3 projects.

Solana Developer Resources

Solana Developer Resources provides documentation, courses, tools, tutorials and much more.

Solana Developer Resources– Solana is another blockchain that seems to have a bright future. Consequently, you may consider Solana for building your next Web3 projects. The Solana team knows how challenging is to start building blockchain projects.

The Developer Resources section provides documentation, courses, tools, tutorials, and examples for everyone interested in building projects on Solana. Start with the Solana development course if you have basic JavaScript knowledge.

The blockchains’ documentation isn’t the most intriguing lecture, but Solana’s quite concise and simple, so you should check it out for a strategic overview of the Solana ecosystem. 


You can use CoinGecko tools for checking the crypto market.

CoinGecko is one of the most frequently used tools for checking the crypto market. If you invested in cryptocurrencies, you most likely used CoinGecko to find out how your investment evolved.

Yet, you probably wouldn’t think of CoinGecko as a source of learning how to create Web3 projects!

Indeed, it doesn’t offer tutorials like the ones from Solana Developer Resources or Ethereum Learning Hub. Despite that, CoinGecko has stellar content related to:

  • Web3 terminology;
  • New projects and protocols; 
  • Analysis of major blockchains;    
  • In-depth reviews of Web3 products and services.

Be sure to check CoinGecko from time to time to stay updated on what’s new in the Web3 area.


CryptoZombies is a great resource for learning Web3 development.

CryptoZombies – Do you like horror movies and the crypto world? You’re in luck; CryptoZombies is the ideal resource to learn Web3 development. It packages plenty of useful courses grouped into learning paths.

Start by joining Solidity Path: Beginner to Intermediate Smart Contracts, a suite of courses teaching you how to deal with smart contracts. You will familiarize yourself with Solidity, the most used language in Web3 development.

Another great suite is Advanced Solidity Path: Get In-depth Knowledge. It’s more difficult, but you will effectively learn what a Web3 developer does: testing smart contrast, deploying DApps, and building an Oracle.

The classes aren’t easy at all, but the original approach will help you understand the concepts showcased.

IMPORTANT:  Web3 comes with a large specific terminology. Some terms and concepts may be difficult to understand. No one fully understands all Web3 terms and concepts because everything evolves at the speed of light.

Certainly, you will hear about smart contracts more frequently in the future. It’s a concept that will stay for many years and designates the simple programs that execute an action when some predefined conditions are met. It’s the basic programming unit in blockchain development. 


Pointer offer high-quality courses to teach you Web3 development.

Pointer is a collection of high-quality courses designed to teach you Web3 development. The classes are concise and well-explained but aren’t suitable for beginners. You’d better have some JavaScript and Next.js knowledge before signing up for these classes.

Setting up your wallet, Creating a Web3 forum on Polygon, and Building a Dex on Stacks are just a few eye-catching courses available on Pointer.

Road to Web3

Road to Web3 offer a 10-week journey to become a master of Web3 development.

Road to Web3 – Are you sure you want to become a real master of Web3 development? Check out this website and join the road to Web3. It’s a 10-week journey that requires a strong commitment on your side.

However, you should be proud of yourself at the end of the road because you will have learned a lot of impressive things like:

  • Developing an NFT contract;
  • Building a “Buy me a coffee” DApp;
  • Creating an NFT gallery;
  • Building a decentralized Twitter. 


Thirdweb is a great platform to help people create Web3 projects.

Thirdweb is a complex platform aimed at helping people create Web3 projects. Certainly, all Thirdweb products deserve your attention. Testing them is free of charge and the documentation is solid and concise.

The Resources section is a great place to familiarize yourself with Web3 protocols and development. The blog posts are mostly about the company’s products, but the guides are genuinely helpful for a wannabee Web3 developer.

Nader Dabit

Nader Dabit is a great source of information and is one of the most influential Web3 developers.

Nader Dabit is one of the most influential Web3 developers and his YouTube channel is a precious source of information. He started uploading back in April 2018, so he is a genuine early adopter of Web3.

His videos and playlists cover a large array of areas—DApp development, Solidity, DeFi, Next.js, React, or authentication. Videos are available for both beginners and more experienced users.

Some videos might not match your experience, but it’s highly recommended to check out the videos and watch those suitable for you.  

Moralis Academy

Moralis Academy include classes such as Build a DEX Using JavaScript, Solana Programming 101, etc.

Moralis Academy – This academy entices people interested in Web3 with the name of its courses.

Build a DEX Using JavaScript, Master DeFi in 2022, Solana Programming 101, React Web Development 101, Blockchain for Enterprise, and Bitcoin Vulnerabilities are just a few noteworthy classes.

Unfortunately, you do have to pay to get access to them. If you are reluctant to open your wallet, you can sign-up for the free 14-day trial. A large cohort of students endorses the classes. Therefore, you have enough reasons to check them out.


UseWeb3 includes articles, videos, tutorials, podcast to learn Web3 development.

UseWeb3 is the broadest aggregator for Web3 enthusiasts. It includes articles, books, videos, tutorials, podcasts, classes, and websites to learn Web3 development. Don’t skip the “Learn and Earn” section—here you may earn a few bucks by completing challenges or quizzes.

UseWeb3 has another section to display the projects to which everyone is invited to contribute. Finally, you can apply to get hired in the “Jobs” section—there are plenty of interesting job opportunities for developers.


CryptoDevHub is an aggregator of learning resources and tools to become a productive Web3 developer.

CryptoDevHub is quite similar to UseWeb3. It’s an aggregator of learning resources and tools to become a productive Web3 developer.

You have countless methods of learning, covering the needs of all users. As in the case of UseWeb3, be sure to check the “Jobs” section— it’s your chance to get hired! 


Questbook is a great resource to develop projects on Ethereum, Solana, Near, Polygon, and Flow.

Questbook is a resource for everyone willing to develop projects on Ethereum, Solana, Near, Polygon, and Flow. These are blockchains with a bright future, so learning how to code on each is a good long-term strategy.

The courses have a similar structure, but the content is adapted to each blockchain. You need basic JavaScript knowledge to get the most from these courses. At the end of each path, you get an NFT certificate, which can be added to your CV. 


LearnWeb3 is a great resource for Web3 developers.

LearnWeb3 – This website is a hidden gem for Web3 developers. The approach of taking the students from zero to hero is effective and original. Currently, you have four paths:

  • Freshman: suitable for people having no experience with the Web3 ecosystem;
  • Sophomore: suitable for people with an elementary knowledge of front-end development;
  • Junior: by completing this path you are most likely fit for a junior job in Web3 projects;
  • Senior: the most advanced path, where you will consolidate your Web3 security and development skills.

Additionally, students can join two tracks: Celo and Flow. These are two big Web3 projects which attracted many important investors. Neither of these paths is simple and you will have to allocate dozens of hours to complete them.

You get an NFT certificate at the end of each path and track. Share it on Linkedin and add it to your profile to impress recruiters.  

Odyssey DAO

Odyssey DAO is tje perfeect resource for Web3 beginners

Odyssey DAO is a resource for beginners who want a bird’s-eye view of the entire Web3 ecosystem. You can learn the basics of Web3 at your own pace. Currently, it has six paths:

  • Intro to Web3;
  • NFT;
  • DeFi;
  • DAO;
  • Breaking into Web3;
  • Web3 reference.
  • The paths include short and well-explained lessons, so it’s a pleasant and accommodating way of getting your hands dirty with the entire Web3 ecosystem.  

Wrapping Up

It shouldn’t diminish your enthusiasm, but Web3 development is a huge and dynamic area. You’ll need to put a lot of time and effort in to get a good grasp of it. The above learning resources are enough for everyone interested in this area.

Some classes are for complete beginners, while others are for highly advanced users. People who learn by watching have a bunch of video classes available to them. Readers aren’t ignored either; a few classes are similar to an ebook.

Simply put, this list of suggestions is a very good start in your quest of learning Web3 development.

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