Responsiveness and SEO-friendliness are crucial factors for your websites to not only rank highly on search engine result pages but also bring invaluable visitors (aka customers).

Luckily, the time spent on building a high-ranking and high-performing website can be cut down with the help of Visual Composer.

It provides you with a variety of tools and features that will allow for quick, precise site designs without having to do any coding whatsoever (if you are a code lover, go ahead – Visual Composer has it all – custom design opportunities, API, and all things coders love)!

This article explains how to make the most out of it!

Responsiveness, Accessibility, and SEO – Why Are They Important for Ranking?

These factors are so important in Google’s (and other search engines) eyes because they are responsible for how pleasant the user experience is. In other words – your website should be fast, accessible, and interactive.

And, of course, search engines try to match users not only with the most relevant content to their searches but also with content that has substance and value. So no shortcuts here – you actually have to bring something to the table!

Here are some steps you can take for bettering SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

  • Understand how Core Web Vitals work (we talked about it just now, see it above);
  • Make quality content that resonates with your users (with added value);
  • Use LSI keywords (words and phrases that Google relates to the searched keyword);
  • Work on EAT (Expertise in the field, Authority to speak on the topic & your Trustworthiness within the community);
  • Get familiar with Google Passage Ranking (properly structuring your continent, so Google can recognize and use certain fragments of it for better answering specific users queries).

Which, all of the above, we explain how to implement in more detail in this video:

Next up, accessibility has more recently become one of the more significant factors for ranking within the top search result page. In simple terms, accessibility defines how useful your content is for people with any kind of disabilities or impairments.

But also, making your site accessible can be beneficial for the usability of all your users.

That is why you should make your content properly sized, colored & arranged to fit within the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Also, make sure the color contrast between your text/ images and the background is appropriate (doesn’t make it difficult to read/ perceive). To help you out a bit, use this Accessible Color Guide.

And lastly, responsiveness is responsible for ensuring that your website content is flexible and dynamic enough to fit properly on any kind of device and any type of screen size.

So, let’s get into how Visual Composer can help you improve these ranking factors!

Visual Composer Features for Responsive and SEO Friendly Websites

First off, let’s get familiar with Visual Composer Website Builder. Visual Composer is a WordPress plugin designed to help web creators save time by efficiently alleviating multiple tasks.

Offering over 500 content elements, pre-made templates, addons, and integrations, Visual Composer is undoubtedly one of the most advanced website builders in the WordPress world! The intuitive interface makes it easy not only for developers and designers to create websites but also for non-tech-savvy clients to later manage on their own.

The same creators who have created a leading WordPress product once before – WPBakery Page Builder, with over 4,3 Million happy users worldwide, have done it once again.

With the next-generation Visual Composer Website Builder (difference in performance, functionality, and interface). Which generates clean code, resulting in faster loading speed, and best of all, no shortcodes or any coding requirements for that matter. Nevertheless, Visual Composer allows the option to create your custom elements via API for users to get the best of both worlds!

Visual Composer is a WordPress plugin designed to help web creators save time by efficiently alleviating multiple tasks.

Drag-and-Drop Interface & Live Editing

Visual Composer is a true WYSIWYG (What You See Is What I Get) frontend editor, meaning no placeholders for blocks. Instead, you see your changes as soon they’re made and can easily publish them without ever leaving the interface!

The Visual Composer interface consists of several parts:

  • Frontend editor (with drag and drop functionality and element controls);
  • Navigation bar (with main controls of Visual Composer);
  • Tree view (overview and interact with your content via the tree navigation);
  • Settings (with the option to add custom CSS & JS, as well as edit the layout & design options of the whole page);
  • Save, Preview, and Publish options;
  • Element edit window (to customize & style elements).
Visual Composer Drag-and-Drop Interface & Live Editing

Insights – Content Analysis Tool

One of the most unique and powerful Visual Composer features is the Insights tool, which performs an in-depth analysis of your content. In addition, it provides you with smart scenarios for improving your content for SEO, speed, and overall performance purposes.

When you access Insights, it shows if your current content is optimized to perform and rank in the best way possible. You can access Insights within the Visual Composer’s navigation bar.

The importance of messages is marked with a color code:

  • Green (success) – your content meets all the qualitative and quantitative requirements;
  • Yellow (warning) – minor issues that require your attention and need changes;
  • Red (critical) – adjustments must be made immediately to avoid performance and ranking issues.

Note: Visual Composer is also fully compatible with the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress – Yoast SEO. But Insights is an excellent alternative for Yoast, allowing you to use fewer plugins on your WordPress site.

One of the most unique and powerful features of Visual Composer is the Insights tool

Unsplash Stock Image Integration

One of the greatest integrations, available directly in the Visual Composer Hub (content library), is the Unsplash Stock Image Integration. Offering thousands of high-resolution, professional images that can accelerate your content, as well as the feel of your website, to a whole new level.

While self-made, original content might be more valuable to the user experience and brand identity, using stock images saves time tremendously (especially for web creators with a time limit).

Best of all, high-quality images are great for SEO ranking, and using them supports artists and creators of Unsplash. Images for all sorts of occasions and topics (rich in variety) are free to use for Visual Composer premium users.

There are three available image sizes: small, medium, and large. We recommend downloading the smaller sizes unless necessary to download the largest size. Smaller images are better for SEO and the performance of your page.

Available in the Visual Composer Hub is the Unsplash Stock Image Integration.

Automatic & Custom Responsiveness

Visual Composer takes care of responsiveness by adjusting your content to each device automatically. But the site builder also offers to add custom responsive settings for different rows, columns, and elements within them on different devices.

Plus, you can customize the stacking options (from left to right or reversed) for your content to optimize your target audience’s reading direction.

In addition to responsive design, Visual Composer also has a built-in media lazy load option. Enabling this feature speeds up your site because the content is loaded gradually and only when it’s in the view frame, instead of loading all content at once.

Visual Composer allows you to preview your layout on the most popular device types:

  • Desktop;
  • Tablet (landscape & portrait view);
  • Mobile (landscape & portrait view).
Visual Composer takes care of responsiveness by adjusting your content to each device automatically.


Visual Composer affects your performance positively and is also fully optimized for SEO. All elements, templates, and Visual Composer features are created by following the best SEO practices to rank your site higher.

Best of all, Visual Composer is up-to-date with integrating the best features for its clients (user requests & feedback is taken into consideration), with bi-weekly product updates.

With over 90 000 developers, designers, and agencies already using Visual Composer Website Builder, you can join the ride today! Visual Composer gives you a page builder for free (more than 50 free Visual Composer features such as elements and templates) and a nice-looking drag & drop front-end editor with surprising design options at your hands.

However, it is not stopping just there.

Visual Composer offers a complete website builder, and if you own a Premium version, you are a true king of your website (you can set layouts, access 500+ elements, templates, addons, and integrations, with the Visual Composer features and get their friendly customer support if needed)

All that is included in the price, of course.

Disclosure: We sometimes use affiliate links in our content. Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. It helps our website keep on running and helps us to offset the cost of our writing team. Thanks for your support.

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