There has been a constant debate over internet forums among WordPress and Weebly. Both have their own pros and cons.

In this article, you will learn which platform is best with respect to certain parameters including SEO, cost, security, performance, and management.

WordPress vs. Weebly


Weebly was founded and can be used for personal and business website building.

Weebly is a popular website builder that was founded in 2006. This service is for personal and business website building. The easy drag-and-drop functionality that this service provides is an easy go-to for e-commerce and online traders and shop owners. 

Weebly offers free and premium working packages; based on your requirements, you can easily access this ecosystem and create your website. Weebly’s incredible speed and security against hackers and spammers make it unbeatable and reliable for its customers.

When not know how to code, Weebly is one of the most popular platforms for building sites, and it keeps constantly improving. Weebly has got it all covered for you with its easy drag-and-drop builder from stylish pages to creating traditional websites.

On the other hand, the free and open-source (CMS) Content management system, WordPress, is written in PHP and paired with a MySQL database.

WordPress is a CMS, blog-publishing system, including mailing lists and forums, learning management systems, online stores, and galleries.

WordPress was initially a blog-publishing system, but over the years, it has emerged as a support for other contents of the web, including mailing lists and forums, learning management systems, online stores, galleries, etc. As of July 2022, 43.0% of all websites use WordPress

Since 2003 WordPress has been the hot topic of the webmasters and blogging community, not to mention its utilization by various government agencies and large corporations for their websites. Due to its flexibility and impressionable ease. 

When it comes to choosing between the two legends, it’s challenging to make since both provide state-of-the-art services, and a quick overview cannot be enough to come to a reasonable choice about which one is more reasonable to go for.

Let us discuss some factors comparing both platforms to reach a more rational conclusion. 

Which One is Better and Why?

Factor #1: Customization

There are multiple plugins, and themes available in WordPress you can use to customize your site.

To create specific sorts of websites, there are multiple plugins, and themes available in WordPress. This way, you’re offered the entitlement and freedom to make the website according to your needs.

However, when it comes to classical website-making and online selling sites, Weebly is proven to be great with its drag-and-drop editor and a wide range of themes that can be used.

Without a doubt, when you need something more professional and old-school for your website, there is more to it than looks. You will require advanced functionalities and plugins to enhance the features. In this aspect,

Weebly gives you access to tons of free applications to be installed and used on your website. 

Weebly gives you access to lot of free applications yoy can use on your website. 

Excluding the premium plugins, there are about 50,000 free plugins and themes that WordPress offers to its users to help them in adding functionalities they need. There is a shedload of choices available per niche for WordPress’s premium plugins.

Now, as the number of options available, the more hectic it becomes to make a selection, reviewing and researching can be the only counsel here to make it through. Coming to the verdict over customization, WordPress has the upper hand here.

Despite Weebly’s wide range of offers, it doesn’t stand against the features the other sites have to offer. 

Factor #2: Management

Updation and management are of supreme importance when it comes to maintaining your website. It includes updating platforms, backups, making adjustments to pages, etc.

We see that general settings, SEO, updating the page name, re-directs, and social integrations are managed efficiently when we talk about Weebly.

Also, It is convenient to preview the site SERPs in the future; you can directly manage to add links and descriptions to your social media pages.

All in all, it is seen that monotonous activities and tasks shouldn’t be worried about, the only concern that Weebly leaves us in this sector is the lack of control over the climacteric settings of the website. 

In contrast to Weebly, CMS WordPress does not fail to live up to the expectations of convenient settings and website management methods. On the dashboard, the setting tab can be easily found.

This tab helps you access all the main options of your website. It is safe to conclude that almost every facet of the website is comfortably manageable. You can do some of the following things: 

  • Setting up a static homepage.
  • Configuring Settings.
  • Alter the URL structure. 
  • Configuring maximum resolution.

In conclusion, the verdict goes in favor of WordPress. Practically it is trouble-free with Weebly, yet you get fewer options with configuration, but with WordPress, everything is at your fingertips. 

Factor #3: Performance

A page of 20MB of images takes time to load. So make sure you optimize your page loading.

When it comes to performance irrespective of any platform, the fundamental requirement is that it should be intact. From a performance point of view, both Weebly and WordPress are swift, but a page of 20MB of images takes time to load. This may seem slower to the visitors. 

Optimization of a website is something you don’t have to worry about when using Weebly. It’s one impressive feature: it has excellent loading speed and tends to be pretty fast. Though not to neglect, a major disappointment is the limitations with refining the settings. 

Being a self-hosted platform, WordPress authorizes you to pick a web host of your choice, and you can pick something with a good reputation. Following are some of the settings that can be made adjustments for the improvisation of performance to get to the desired goal:

Hence, we conclude that WordPress requires more effort for newbies compared to Weebly. It still is convenient to squeeze performance out of it. It is better than limited options and the availability of options to optimize better. 

Factor #4: Security

The remedy to security issues of your WordPress website must be of supreme importance for your business since attacks can cause you some severe damage, putting the reputation of your business at risk.

Hackers steal and withdraw private information by breaking through the walls; they look for backdoors, and sensitive information such as your passwords and banking information, install malicious software, and affect your website’s users by distributing malware.

This puts you and your business at risk and is a significant threat to your customers. Such cases lead to the devastation of customer trust in your company, ultimately leading to revenue and reputation problems.

This is an era of cybercrimes. As much as the crimes carried out on the streets are harmful, the crimes committed online are as deleterious. The sites that are not fully protected and are left vulnerable for intruders to sneak in can result in serious problems. 

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Once a security breach has taken place, it is said that the safety of the credentials of your clients and sensitive information has been compromised. One must have the liberty of selecting the desired platform to make necessary changes in the website’s security settings.

Through Weebly, one has no choice but to use the hosted platform. Due to various limitations, it was observed that the users face many issues while setting up credentials, though changes can still be made in a few aspects, e.g., SSL. 

Due to the popularity and extensive usage of WordPress, it has been the center of attraction for intruders and cyber-criminals. Since there are many plugins and themes available on WordPress, it makes the hackers more interested in looking for minor vulnerabilities as their trump card.

Nevertheless, due to its demand in the market, it is essential to remain strong in the security sector, and WordPress has improvised. WordPress puts you at one disadvantage because it lets you choose your preferred web host. Consequently, it is safer to pick an option that provides you with more security.

With great power comes responsibility, and so is the case with the security systems of WordPress. Considering the numerous benefits of WordPress and an excellent CMS, more than 74 million sites use WordPress blog services, making security a common threat.

Regardless of the marketability of these service providers, they have a history of cyberattacks. Thus we cannot wholly justify which is better in this segment. Though on Weebly, you get limited access, which may put WordPress on a pedestal. 

Factor #5: Search Engine Optimization

WordPress and Weebly, are SEO friendly, however, third-party plugins can help you boost your site's rankings.

While comparing WordPress and Weebly, one cannot ignore the significance of SEO since it is a significant factor in defining your site’s place and online perceptibility.

WordPress is SEO-friendly and also Weebly, but third-party plugins may help you boost your site’s rankings to the highest level, and you might never feel anything misplaced from your SEO campaign.

In other words, WordPress is the best CMS SEO-wise. Through the lens of SEO, WordPress is, without a doubt, the better one to consider between WordPress and Weebly. 

Factor #6:Open Source

Coming to the infrastructure of both these service providers, WordPress has a large team of coders and programmers who are actively participating in the platform’s improvements, making its users look forward to better updates and enhanced security features, helping them in the long run.

On the other hand, Weebly is more of a closed system where a selected number of professionals and programmers have access to the development and planning of how you’re allowed to use the tools and how much freedom of customization is in your hands. 

Weebly does not let you run a third-party plugin until and unless their team has vetted it, you have little to no say in how your website looks or how to improve its functionality.

In this regard, WordPress is considered a more convenient option since with WordPress, you can manage your platform and tools according to your needs and likes. You have more freedom and flexibility with your editor. 

Factor #7:Cost

Your cost can differ between hundreds of dollars for professional website development. 

To the extent of cost, numerous free-of-cost packages and themes are available to be used. Still, your cost can range between a hundred to two hundred dollars for professional website development

All in all, WordPress comes out to be a more up to standards service provider and should be opted for when wanting to set up your blog or website. As it turns out, you are very likely to get more access to tools, functionalities, and the freedom of customization if you go with WordPress instead of Weebly. 

When looking for more accessible options and non-professional website building providers, Weebly is your go-to. On the other hand, if you’re more into the freedom of managing your tools according to your requirements, then WordPress is your platform for less stress and confusion. 

Why Does Confusion Exist Between The Two?

Due to these complexities and comparisons, it becomes challenging to choose between WordPress and Weebly to create your website. Both services are top-notch, making it even harder to choose between the two, which one to use to make your website and which is better. 

Why WordPress Wins the Race?

WordPress Wins the Race

Being the most popular platform and CMS system globally and empowering more than 60 million websites around the globe makes WordPress a hero.

WordPress’s open-source nature of letting third-party plugins be utilized and unrestricted access to all the customizations of page elements puts its competitor Weebly on the lower side.

With Weebly, you do not have any say in how your tools work, and you do not have the freedom to make specific changes according to your likes. You’re put at a disadvantage.

Where Weebly is Best Fit?

Weebly will help you satisfy your needs for more straightforward solutions for cozy and small websites. Both providers have a drag-and-drop service, making your work fun and games.

Nonetheless, you will get the max from either with zero coding knowledge. It all comes down to what you require and what better suits your needs and objectives. Either way, you don’t have to worry about any coding. 

Wrapping Up!

WordPress or Weebly? – Though for long-term solutions for a good quality blog or website that you want to keep customizing and integrating newer functions, WordPress should be your choice.

Weebly is undoubtedly a preferable platform for those who need a beginner-friendly environment and fewer complications.

So, for new users who are non-techy Weebly is suitable whereas for consistent users WordPress is the best choice. 

Share in the comments below, if you agree with the conclusion of the article or have a different opinion. 

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