Are you managing a growing WordPress website?

If you’ve ever tried to find a specific media file in your WordPress media library, you know it can be a nightmare.

Especially when you have thousands of media files, and one day you need to update a specific file by uploading a newer version of it. Or you need to find some reusable items like your brand assets or seasonal banners.

It doesn’t matter which group you fall into, but you should organize the attachments from the start if you’re looking to avoid spending too much time searching for them.

With the WP Media Folders plugin, you can easily organize your files into directories, making it a breeze to find the file you need.

Introduction to CatFolders

With the WP Media Folders plugin, you can easily organize your files into directories.

CatFolders – WP Media Folders plugin is an organizer plugin for managing large numbers of files. As a WordPress admin or editor, you can use it to easily drag and drop files into folders and subfolders.

The file pane displays the contents of the opened folder in the folder tree. When you first start the WP Media Folders plugin, the file pane displays thumbnails with names beneath document files.

Drag and drop ability is active in many aspects of managing files:

  • Move a folder inside a parent folder.
  • Move multiple files to a folder.
  • Move a group of folders, which also contain files, into a folder while keeping their organized structure.
  • Upload a group of folders from your computer into a selected folder.

It creates virtual folders, not physical ones. As a result, it doesn’t make changes to the WordPress file permalinks. So when you update the file location in another folder, the images are still showing on the page/post as usual.

Let’s move on to explore more ways you can improve your workflow with the WP Media Folders plugin.

Setting up CatFolders On Your WordPress Site

CatFolders comes in two versions, free and premium. In either plan you choose, you need to activate only one of them to make it work.

In order to install and activate CatFolders, follow these simple installation steps:

  1. Download the CatFolders plugin from
  2. In your WordPress dashboard, choose Plugins > Add New.
  3. Upload to your Plugins section and click Install.
  4. Navigate to the CatFolders menu and enter the license key to activate it if you’re using the pro version.
  5. Additionally, you can go to CatFolders settings and import those media folders created from your previous media library plugins like FileBird or HappyFiles. But if you have none, you can skip this step and explore other settings like individual user folder mode, startup folder, a default sort method, etc.
You can import media folders created from your previous media library plugins.

Using CatFolders to Manage Your Media Files

CatFolders is a great way to save time and money on managing WordPress. And if you are a freelancer, it’s also a great way to keep your online store looking good when you transfer the website to your clients. 

Folder Tree

CatFolders come with an advanced design of folder tree. Unlike other media plugins which use categories in filter dropdowns, CatFolders provides a separate sidebar that displays only folders and shows how folders are stored in the hierarchy.

Simply click the “New Folder” button to create a new media folder, give it a name, and save the folder/category.

Create New Media Folder

Folders and Subfolder

A subfolder is a folder stored inside another folder. Subfolders help you organize your files more efficiently. With CatFolders, a main folder can hold unlimited child folders.

When you delete a folder, its files will be moved to the “Uncategorized” folder. So you can feel free to add new ones and delete them without having to worry about losing any media files.

Primary Options

On the top of the folder tree sidebar, you will find a set of controls that you can use to manipulate your file system. 

Primary Display Options
  • Rename: Use this to change the folder name.
  • Delete: Delete a folder and allow its files to be moved to the Uncategorized folder.
  • Sort: Use this to sort files and folders in your current session. This sorting mode is only active in the current view, so when you come back to the media library, it takes up the default sort method.
  • Settings: In this control, you will find different options to adjust the folder view.
    • Startup Folder: Appoint a folder to be opened when you visit your WordPress media library.
    • Default Sort: Pick a way of sorting to be the default sort method.
Appoint a folder to be opened when you visit your WordPress media library.

Sort Files and Folders

By default, when you’re using grid mode, you won’t be able to sort files in the WordPress media library. To overcome this shortcoming, CatFolders now allows you to choose among different ways of sorting files:

  • Use Sort by Name to sort the files alphabetically.
  • Use Sort by Author to sort the files in alphabetical author names.
  • Use Sort by Modified to sort the files by modified date.
  • Use Sort by Date to sort the files from newest to oldest or vice versa.
Sort files and folders.

Moreover, you can also sort folders by name, ascending or descending. And in order to revert to your manual organization of folder structure, just refresh the page.

Folder View Options

Scroll Down: When your hierarchy is way too many, the later folders may be displayed below the page. But don’t worry, just scroll down to get them!

Label Tooltip: In case your folder name is way too long, just hover and you will see its full name in the tooltip.

List Mode & Grid Mode: Both list and grid view work great with CatFolders. Especially, you can navigate the grid view much better thanks to the ability to sort files temporarily.

Browse Files From the Post/Page Editor

The WP Media Folders plugin allows you to perform more operations using drag and drop even when you edit a page/post using Gutenberg, Classic Editor, Elementor, theme editors, and other page builders.

Browse files from a Post or page editor.

Pricing Plans

The WP Media Folders plugin offers both free and pro plans. 

  • Premium package prices start from $79 for a single-site annual subscription.
  • Unlimited Websites – Yearly plan costs $199. And one-time payment starts from $159.

The great news is you can grab it today by using this special discount code available only for a short period to first-time buyers:

Use the discount code WELCOMECAT to get 50% Off for all plan options at WP Media Folders – CatFolders.

CatFolders Pros and Cons


CatFolders – WP Media Folders is a similar plugin to FileBird that offers both free and premium versions. The WP Media Folders plugin and FileBird plugins offer a similar set of features, but the CatFolders plugin is slightly more compact and developer-friendly. 

It provides filters and hooks so that developers are able to use them for many purposes over the years. It uses hooks provided by other plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields, Media Library Assistant, Polylang, and WPML to support those plugins.

When it comes to third-party compatibility, CatFolders is also a well-played kid. It supports the most popular plugins and page builders on the WordPress platform.

As for migration, it provides a one-click import so that you don’t have to compromise your long-lasting folder structure in the previous WP media folder plugin.

Other benefits for you:

  • It supports WordPress multisite (each site has its own folder tree).
  • GPDR compliant: The plugin does not collect any personal information.
  • Quickly look for a folder using the search box in the folder system.
  • File count showing next to the folder.
  • Expand/collapse to show/hide subfolders.
  • Rearrange the folder with multiple branches.


CatFolders pricing can be costly for a single site. 

However, they offer a variety of licenses for multiple sites and unlimited sites. They are worth checking out if you work in the web design industry.

It is a utility plugin that can be used by most websites. From foodie bloggers, photographers, and graphic designers, to online store merchants and order managers, they all would appreciate it if you delivered such a well-organized media website.

Final Verdict

CatFolders is a great plugin for WordPress that allows you to create folders and sub-folders in your media library. You can also bulk upload files, which is a great time saver for web agencies and freelancers.

CatFolders is a perfect WordPress plugin to create folders and sub-folders in your media library.

The WP Media Folders Plugin also keeps your online store looking good when you transfer the website to your clients. This plugin is a must-have for anyone who manages a lot of media files on their WordPress site.

I hope this article helps deliver some insights into how the WP media folders plugin works. You can check the documentation carefully before deciding on a purchase.

Once you’re clear about what features and functionalities you want, it becomes easier for you to find the right media plugin for your website.

And remember to come back and share your experience in the comment section below.

Use the discount code WELCOMECAT to get 50% Off for all plan options at WP Media Folders – CatFolders.

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