E-commerce is the future of marketplaces, but it wouldn’t be what it is without WooCommerce.

Among CMS platforms, this robust, versatile, and cost-effective tool has been nothing short of a lifesaver for businesses.

While it currently serves both large and small businesses, the latter of the two seems to drum up more demand for WordPress solutions.

Intense competition has historically been the norm in commerce, and emerging enterprises have always faced an uphill battle.

With the Internet, aiming for visibility becomes easier, and WordPress takes it one step further with the gift of unprecedented customization.

That particularly becomes especially apparent with the effectiveness of quality WooCommerce tools, like the WooCommerce checkout field editor.

Essentials Of Checkout Management In WooCommerce

The journey of online buyers might not matter to most, but they do to the buyers, and you if they’re buying from your store. And at the tail-end of that journey comes the all-important issue of checkout.

This is where your store’s web pages must help them complete their purchase to the utmost convenience. This includes:

  • Product selection
  • Billing
  • Order Customization
  • Applying for Deals and Discounts
  • Shipping Details

A lot hinges on your checkout being smooth and user-friendly. If you don’t manage your online register and page fields, you risk confusing, frustrating, or disappointing your buyers.

Luckily, WordPress offers some useful pre-existing features that facilitate building a half-decent checkout setup.

Needless to say, however, you need to set your bar higher than that given the competition you face.

The Risks Of Poor Checkout

Anything less than a tight and frictionless checkout experience will cost your online store.

Depending on the nature of the inconvenience your buyer suffers, you’ll have an option of setbacks to reluctantly choose from.

Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is perhaps one of the foremost disadvantages of a subpar checkout system.

Frustrated customers who desert their carts mid-transaction can lead to significant losses to stores.

Aside from poor checkout, the lack of a proper wishlist might also contribute to this problem.

Higher Bounce Rates

The checkout feature isn’t your store’s first impression, but for some, it can be the last straw. If you don’t fix this issue, you’ll lose more buyers thanks to your unflattering interface.

And that is sure to put a serious dent in your conversions as well as your SEO, so you’ll need to act quickly.

Data-related Issues

Checkout fields are an essential tool for responsibly collecting essential data related to your clients. With poor checkout, you can end up with problems in shipping or communication, or worse, risk your customers’ privacy or security!

Online stores face a myriad of problems that their checkout can either fix or worsen. To make sure you accomplish the latter, you need management solutions for WooCommerce.

And while, again, WordPress doesn’t come unprepared, a little third-party assistance can make the required difference. This neatly brings us to the heart of this piece.

Benefits Of Checkout Management Plugins

The WooCommerce experience is one that the right set of plugins don’t just simplify, but can enhance beyond your expectations. WooCommerce checkout managers are a set of tools that every WordPress store needs to invest in.

And we do mean when we say invest. Open-source plugins have their appeal, but quality, premium plugins take time to create thanks to the efforts of experienced professional developers.

This dedication becomes apparent in the crucial advantages that these plugins offer to WooCommerce-based online shops.

Superior UX

The best WooCommerce Checkout Manager plugins offer a comprehensive solution for making online shopping more customer-centric and smooth overall.

That way, you can improve your sales and your leads, while keeping bounce rates and cart abandonment to a minimum.


Third-party extensions might be your best ally if you want to elevate your checkout offerings beyond the standard WooCommerce options. They enable you to personalize and reshape your checkout page as you please.

So, you can reshuffle, validate, and tailor your fields and add-ons in the most strategically viable manner with greater ease.

Advanced Offerings

Aside from basic checkout features, top-tier WooCommerce Checkout Manager plugins must bring some next-level innovation to the table.

If you’re looking for plugins, consider conditional logic, with which you can visualize or conceal elements based on certain criteria that your buyers fulfill.

Plus, your plugin must show compatibility with at least a few other tools and gateways.

Freemium Access

Now, this doesn’t concern the quality of a plugin, but it says a lot about its usefulness to small businesses.

While a price tag does convey quality, it can be harder to justify for small businesses on a tight budget.

So, freemium plugins offer the best of both accessibility and value for money.

6 Must-Have Plugins For Checkout Management

The following is a list of some choice WooCommerce Checkout Manager plugins for your consideration. Let’s take a look at what makes them a must-have for any online store worth its salt.

Checkout Field Editor

The Checkout Field Editor plugin allows users to add up to 20 different types of custom checkout fields.

A first-class checkout page facilitates buyers while offering versatile and convenient services to store owners. With that in mind, the Checkout Field Editor plugin brings a fairly neat set of features to the table. Whether you wish to collect data or put together a streamlined online register, this tool has you covered.

With it, you can add well over a dozen new field types to your checkout. Alternatively, to eliminate the clutter, you can reshuffle or even remove fields as you please. It also offers conditional login, advanced customization, and WPML compatibility for a checkout process that is unparalleled in its user-friendliness.

WPMozo Checkout Manager for WooCommerce

The WPMozo Checkout Manager for WooCommerce plugin makes the checkout process on your WooCommerce store seamless.

WPMozo Checkout Manager for WooCommerce plugin makes the checkout process on your WooCommerce store seamless. It lets you add, remove, and modify checkout fields as per your requirements. The position of the fields can also be changed easily with drag-n-drop. 

With the help of this WooCommerce plugin, you can add new custom fields to your checkout pages. Multiple field types such as radio,  number, email, date-time picker, and checkbox are available. 

This plugin disables checkout fields that are not necessary and enables them when required. Also, you can permanently remove any checkout fields that are no longer needed.

Checkout Manager by ThemeHigh

With the Checkout Manager plugin you are in full control of the overall usability of your checkout pages.

Checkout Manager is yet another comprehensive plugin that takes your checkout interface outside the limits of one-size-fits-all retail. With it, you’re in full control of the aesthetics and overall usability of your checkout pages.

You can manipulate fields as you please and experiment with page layouts that best reflect your brand or your client’s needs. To make things simple and appealing, you can also display these fields in emails and “order details” pages.

The Checkout Manager tool is developer-friendly and offers integration features with other useful plugins.

Flexible Checkout Fields

With Flexible Checkout Fields you can tailoring your fields and create a great checkout experience.

As the name so concisely suggests, Flexible Checkout Fields allows your online store to overcome the restrictive, if well-meaning, checkout model that WordPress normally provides.

By tailoring your fields, how you present them, and what you can accomplish through them, you can create a checkout experience that is uniquely yours to offer.

It doesn’t whether you’re selling physical goods or enabling quick downloads of your digital inventory. If adaptability is the name of the game, this plugin can serve you well in eliminating shipping complications or making your shop’s discount codes easier to use.

Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce

With the Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce plugin you can Create a better user experience by splitting the checkout process in several steps.

Breaking down seemingly complex tasks into individual, easier-to-digest morsels is a guaranteed way to make them more accessible. Hence the popularity of phonics and step-by-step tutorials.

This is where Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce emerges as yet another WooCommerce checkout manager that lives up to its name.

It takes each distinct aspect of a checkout page and breaks down the whole process into a series of steps. So, your buyers will have the peace of mind that their shopping experience is a reliable one.

Of course, dividing the process into multiple steps might give the impression of a more time-consuming experience. However, with this plugin’s accurate and concise checkout manager functions, that won’t be a deal-breaker for informed buyers, which are the best ones.

One Page Checkout And Layouts

With the One Page Checkout and Layouts plugin you can simplify the checkout process.

Of course, if you’ve ever dealt with both in-person and online buyers, you’ll find that the latter doesn’t have the greatest attention spans. And that is something you’ll have to address, despite the efficacy of a broken down, step-by-step.

Luckily, keeping things quick and easy has its allure in online shopping. So, One Page Checkout And Layouts promises a single-page checkout setup that is compact, but also dynamic.

To make things even more convenient, this tool specializes in other interface-friendly features. It comes with mobile-compatibility and Ajax-supported functionality. With it, you can design a custom interface that lives up to your needs and your buyers’ expectations with ease.

Keep Things Simple And Accurate

So, we’ve learned a few things about WordPress-based stores and the type of customers they attract.

If you’re running an online business, you’re under immense pressure to satisfy the needs of customers who are a bit hard-pressed for time and attention. And the default checkout system doesn’t offer a great deal of help.

Thankfully, more smaller online stores than ever are turning to more innovative and customer-friendly sales tactics. After all, they, like you, need a checkout manager process that is secure, sleek, and easy to set up, monitor, and customize.

WordPress has certainly led the charge in this, including the tools that you can integrate into your CMS.

As long as you can find the best tools in terms of value for money and ease of use, you’re good to go. And that’s exactly what makes these WooCommerce Checkout Manager plugins a lifeline for emerging entrepreneurs.

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