It must be observed that having a payment gateway is an essential ingredient for any WooCommerce store, as it enables potential customers to accept payment via several modes, including credit card, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency.

Multiple payment gateways comprise the popular Square payment gateway, and most of them are adapting themselves to the various business needs and requirements of WordPress users.

Hence, in our article, we’ll discuss the overall process of integrating the Square payment gateway via the WP EasyPay plugin. An open-source plugin lets users incorporate Square as a payment method into their WordPress-driven website, consisting of online store hosting aspects.

What Is WP EasyPay?

WP EasyPay is a Square WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of accepting Square payments on your WordPress website.

WP EasyPay is a safe and secure integrated Square WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of accepting Square payments on your WordPress platform. In addition, you can instantly accept online credit card payments using this plugin while eradicating the complicated shopping cart system.

With WP EasyPay, you can eventually start receiving simple recurring donations, subscriptions, and recurring donation payments instantly. Start accepting online credit card payments immediately while skipping the complicated procedures to set up a shopping cart system. 

WP EasyPay allows you to collect fixed or custom amounts from your sustainable clients, and you can eventually set up a multi-step form layout to highlight well-organized information. 

Features of WP EasyPay

The following are some of the features of the WP EasyPay – Square for WordPress plugin:

Multi-Step Form – WP With EasyPay, you can use a multi-step form with a step-by-step tab interface for both signups and payments.

Modal or Pop-Up Form Layout – Refines the look and feel of your form via providing it with a clean and concise design. This layout consumes less space and delivers your form with a well-structured look and feel.

Intuitive Form Builder – Enables users to change the form’s overall look and feel with a click of a button that consists of a layout amount support, drag-and-drop functionality, success URL redirector, and vice versa.

Enhanced Single Form Layout – Allows users to enjoy the easy-to-use and seamless functionalities that make the payment collection process simple and easy.

Subscription Pause & Execution Functionality – Enables users to simply pause the subscription from the back-end interface without any subsequent ending and re-executes it whenever they need to.

Payment Types – Processes payments via simple, recurring payments (premium), donation, regular donation, and subscription payments.

Notification Alerts – Enables the admin and user to receive notification emails after every successful payment. 

Partial Refunds – Processes partial refunds for a simple donation, subscription, and recurring-donation payments.

Renew Subscriptions – Enables users to easily renew their subscriptions by clicking on the renewal button.

Charges sign-up transactions – Whenever the user subscribes to the registration form, the field is only visible whenever a subscription or recurring donation payment type is chosen in a specified order. 

Setting Up WP EasyPay & Configuring Square Payment Gateway Settings

WP EasyPay comes with freemium and payment options that depend on how many features and services are available at the time of the payment.

To set up the plugin, we will use the freemium version to understand the plugin and draw sufficient insights for the processing of digital payments.

To set up WP EasyPay on your WordPress-enabled site, the following steps must be done.

Step # 1

  • Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.
  • Type ‘WP EasyPay – Square for WordPress‘ in the text editor.
  • Click on the ‘Install Now.’
WPEasyPay - Square for WordPress installation.
  • Now, click on the ‘Activate‘ Button.
Activate WPEasyPay - Square for WordPress.

Configuring WP EasyPay?

The following steps are taken into consideration to configure the WP EasyPay:

Step # 1

Firstly, to configure the WP EasyPay, the user must sign up for a Square Payment Gateway account.

Configuring WPEasyPay

Step # 2

Hover to WordPress Dashboard > Click on WP EasyPay Settings. You can easily add payment settings for the Square Payment Gateway Account.

In particular, you can easily integrate Square configurations into WP EasyPay that includes an Application ID, Token, Location ID, and more.

Add payment settings for the Square Payment Gateway account.

Button Settings

To configure the button, navigate to the dashboard, click on WP EasyPay Settings, and click on Button Settings. Now you can create buttons to accept single or fixed payment methods.

The freemium version constitutes only two types of payments: 

  1. Simple Payments 
  2. Donation Payments

The user can select any one of the above and enter the required text for the button in the ‘Button Text’ section. 

WPEasyPay button settings.

The freemium version supports all of these features; on the other hand, the premium version of WP EasyPay is completely integrated with multiple additional features that transform the payment processing tactics to the climax.

If you want to gain exposure to the pro version, look at the WP EasyPay Pro version.

WP EasyPay’s Premium Features

Following are some of the premium features of WP EasyPay:

  • Enables the user to accept simple payments, donations, and subscription modes.
  • Enables the user to create multiple payment forms or pop-ups with a tailor-made background and text color.
  • The user can add a shortcode to showcase the payment gateway on any site page.
  • Form builder helps you customize the form as per the user’s requirements.
  • It enables the user to see the details of selected fields in a Square transaction note on a Square dashboard that simplifies the bookkeeping processes. 
  • Allows the website administrator and the user to receive a notification email on successful payments.
  • Enables the user to easily enter a custom amount. It works well for donation aspects because the users can donate the amount as per their requirements.
  • Sandbox support is available for managing the test functionality before transforming it to the development phase. For example, if you want to set up a payment gateway, the feature allows the developer to make test transactions.
  • As the user clicks on a button, you’ll have the option to display a payment form in a popup.
  • Users can easily receive transaction reports on every successful payment transaction. You can easily see the transaction details, i.e., transaction ID.

Ending Notes

Hence, the integration of WP EasyPay for the WordPress platform allows the web administrator to simply collect payment with a minimum amount of setup using the Square Payment Gateway.

The freemium version of WP EasyPay collects payments without incurring any expenses for users that wish to access intuitive features.

If you want to experience additional features and functionality that help users, purchase the plugin’s premium version. It will unleash the forthcoming features and additional options to leverage the payment processing tactics for your website.

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Lisa Powell is a digital marketing expert with many years of experience in marketing strategies for different platforms.

Lisa Powell is a digital marketing expert with many years of experience in marketing strategies for different platforms. She is also a guest blog author who loves to share her knowledge with the audience by blogging on various topics.

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