Most aspiring developers are frightened by the vast number of coding languages, frameworks, tools, and technologies. These are constantly evolving, and some of them become outdated in just a few years.

It doesn’t make sense to learn a language for a year, use it for two years, and abandon it because another one is considerably better.

Whether we like it or not, this situation won’t change in the future. Therefore, you’d better update your mindset and accept that change is the only constant in the universe. You need top-class resources such as YouTube channels to learn web development in addition to the proper mindset.

Thankfully, we have countless options to learn new web languages and technologies.

For instance, the following 20 YouTube channels for learning web development are golden for everyone building websites and apps.

20 YouTube Channels for Learning Web Development


freeCodeCamp YouTube channel has many classes covering coding languages and technologies.

freeCodeCamp is a renowned online learning platform, and many of its video courses are hosted on the YouTube platform. The freeCodeCamp YouTube channel has countless classes covering all the coding languages and technologies.

It includes many videos about the basics of website creation, such as HTML and CSS introductory classes. JavaScript and PHP are two other languages that are thoroughly treated by the freeCodeCamp experts.

Besides these, check out this YouTube channel to learn about new technologies, such as advanced OpenGL, data science, machine learning, Python, and ethical hacking.

There’s no doubt that you will improve your skills by watching the classes on the freeCodeCamp channel in addition to many hours of practice. Don’t forget the practice – it’s the best method for learning new techniques.

Traversy Media

If you are interested in crash courses about coding language, and web technology Traversy Media channel i a perfect choice.

Traversy Media – Take a look at Traversy Media channel if you are interested in crash courses about each and every coding language, tool, and web technology. This channel has hundreds of quality videos. It takes months (if not years) to practice all the projects discussed in the videos.

Don’t worry – you won’t be watching any boring presentations! You need to open up your code editor before watching a Traversy Media video because most classes are focused on effective coding.

Practice with Mosh

Mosh has arranged all his videos into valuable playlists.

Practice with Mosh – Unlike many other YouTube content creators, Mosh has arranged all his videos into valuable playlists. Mobile development, programming languages, Python tutorials, Javascript tutorials, back-end development, and front-end development are essential playlists.

The explanations are clear, and Mosh impresses with his friendly style. The most-watched course – Python for beginners [full course] – has had 20 million views in two years. It’s a course worth watching if you want to learn the basics of Python.


reehouse is a great resource of online courses, and has many interesting videos under 10 minutes.

Treehouse is a well-known resource of online courses, and it has a pretty solid YouTube presence. The Treehouse channel contains many interesting videos under 10 minutes, covering a large area of topics. I recommend this channel for everyone who wants to stay updated on what’s new in the coding space.

Check out this channel to familiarize yourself with machine learning principles, computer science, interaction design, and object-oriented programming. It’s a nice mixture of news, best practices, and tools for designers and developers.

Clever Programmer

If you want to learn code, open up your code editor and follow the explanations from Rafeh.

Clever Programmer – You need to have elementary HTML and CSS knowledge to get the most from this YouTube channel. However, you can learn these on the go. Rafeh Qazi is a remarkably productive programmer. Just as a side note – many of the videos uploaded start with “build.”

Therefore, if you genuinely want to learn code, open up your code editor and follow the steps and explanations from Rafeh. Be prepared for hard work because all the projects are labor-intensive.

Most videos centered on practice are over two hours, so allocate at least four hours to watch a video and complete a website project.


thenewboston channel is mostly for experienced coders.

thenewboston – This YouTube channel is mostly for experienced coders; HTML and CSS are sparingly mentioned. Instead, visit it to learn more about Docker, JavaScript, Java, C and C++, Spring Boot, Kotlin, Node.js, React, and Linux.

Some of the videos showcase the basics of coding languages and technologies. For instance, watch the Docker playlist if you don’t know anything about Docker and want to learn about it. The playlist is an introductory mini class about Docker, which viewers highly appreciate.

TechWorld with Nana

On TechWorld, Nana keep you updated on any news about coding.

TechWorld with Nana – Everything is changing in the coding universe, and you have to be prepared for new challenges. But, of course, no one can be an expert in so many languages and tools. Altogether, YouTube channels like TechWorld with Nana manage to keep you updated on any news about coding.

Moreover, the mix of types of videos uploaded makes this YouTube channel very popular. Some complete courses are well explained by Nana, such as the Kubernetes tutorial for beginners, Docker tutorial for beginners, and Python tutorial for beginners.

At the same time, she uploads short and medium videos explaining useful aspects, such as:

  • Virtual machines explained in 15 minutes.
  • Terraform explained in 15 minutes.
  • What is DevSec Ops?
  • What is Ansible?


Do you want to learn Next.js, Terraform, WebGL 3D, or Astro? Visit the Fireship YouTube channel.

Fireship is for people lacking time who want to find out what’s new in the programming industry. The channel includes hundreds of short videos, most of them under five minutes, explaining coding concepts and tools.

Do you want to learn what Next.js, Terraform, WebGL 3D, or Astro are in 100 seconds? Visit the Fireship YouTube channel to find out.

CS Dojo

CS Dojo is a channel that targets programmers and software engineers.

CS Dojo – 1.7 billion subscribers is an extraordinary fan base for a programmer. It’s a channel that targets programmers but also software engineers. Of course, anyone willing to learn more about the IT field should pay a visit to CS Dojo.

This channel targets advanced users, but the explanations are clear and concise, so even beginners can give it a try and watch a few videos. You won’t get bored, because plenty of cool topics are debated, such as:

  • Creating a Telegram bot with Python.
  • Hash tables and dictionaries.
  • Quantum computers.
  • Coding interview questions.

Aaron Jack

If you want to learn about APIs, freelancing, productivity? Aaron Jack's YouTube channel fits you like a glove!

Aaron Jack – Do you want to learn more about APIs, freelancing, productivity, and coding interviews, but also about HTML & CSS? Aaron Jack’s YouTube channel fits you like a glove! Aaron didn’t just upload complete classes teaching you how to create websites.

His YouTube channel is quite attractive because he uploads videos that are interesting to programmers and software engineers. Additionally, his YouTube presence includes suggestions for faster learning, cool equipment, and the Ukrainian lifestyle as an American citizen. 

Florin Pop

Florin Pops YouTube channel is attractive for coders and entrepreneurs.

Florin Pop is a charismatic guy who is always active on Twitter and shares interesting, helpful, and funny tweets. His YouTube channel is also attractive for coders and entrepreneurs. Dive deep into the videos uploaded by Florin, and you will find impressive streams.

His live coding streams have attracted lots of viewers and the appreciation of many wannabe developers. Recently, he started a fabulous challenge – generating $100,000 from all his online projects.

Follow him in this provocative journey, and you will learn how to code and how to earn more money.

Easy Tutorials

Easy Tutorials is a channel for people who have minimal HTML and CSS knowledge.

Easy Tutorials – From the many YouTube channels to learn web development, Easy Tutorials distinguishes itself thanks to the applicability of the videos uploaded.

The channel is for people who have minimal HTML and CSS knowledge. You will reach the next level by putting into practice what you watch in Easy Tutorials’ videos.

For example, you can learn to make circular progress bars, animated footers, hover effects, animated images, and sliders with HTML and CSS. The videos are short and concise so that you won’t be wasting your time at all.

On top of that, a few long videos present the entire process of building a complex site.

Web Dev Simplified

Web Dev Simplified is a YouTube channel with a lot of videos for developers.

Web Dev Simplified – Like the previous recommendation, Web Dev Simplified is a YouTube channel with plenty of short videos for developers. Each video treats a particular issue and shows the solution.

Many of them are about coding aspects, such as creating your first NPM package, career management, and coding best practices.

Its name is quite suggestive – indeed, many videos explain complex problems in simple words. Less experienced users highly appreciate this approach.

The Net Ninja

Net Ninja is a great resource for learning coding languages.

The Net Ninja – This YouTube channel isn’t just to inform you about the latest trends in development. The Net Ninja is a top-class resource for learning sought-after coding languages in a friendly way. Some of the classes go deeply into the matter, but most cover the essentials.

For instance, head to The Net Ninja channel to learn about Adobe XD, Tailwind, Strapi, Next.js, Bulma, or Saper. Check the playlist – all the videos fall into properly named playlists, so you won’t waste time searching for the videos you are interested in.

Dev Ed

Dev Ed a great YouTube channel for learning web development.

Dev Ed – Is Dev Ed a YouTube channel for learning web development? Well, it depends – Dev Ed isn’t strictly related to web development. However, this channel is an excellent blend of videos about design and development.

It’s a harsh and never-ending debate whether coders should know design. There is no precise answer, but clearly, elementary design skills are a plus for a coder. The videos are short and pretty funny.

Visit this one of the best YouTube channels to learn color theory, typography, and UI best practices in a friendly manner.

Design Course

Design Course is a great YouTube channel for learning web development and design.

Design Course is one of the best YouTube channels for learning web development and design. It’s similar to the previous one, but there are more videos.

The channel started back in 2010, so you can learn the evolution of design and development during the last decade. What’s impressive is that Gary Simon constantly creates new quality content.

Kalle Halden

On Kalle Halden channel you learn, how to choose the best equipment for your work, invest money, and be more productive.

Kalle Halden – Certainly, the best way to learn to program is to sign up for the proper online course and practice a lot. Still, finding out more about the life and struggles of a developer may help as much as a quality online class.

Kalle Halden shares aspects of his personal and work life. It’s relaxing and informative to watch the videos from this channel. You learn, among other things, how to choose the best equipment for your work, how to invest money, type faster, and be more productive.

Wes Bos

If you are interested in CSS and JavaScript you should spend some time on Wes Bos' channel.

Wes Bos – Anyone interested in CSS and JavaScript should spend some time on Wes Bos’ YouTube channel. The JavaScript30 playlist is the main attraction of this channel – it features a 30-day JavaScript challenge.

It’s a funny and provocative way of learning JavaScript. Another excellent playlist is Sublime Text – a dozen videos about getting the most from this code editor. 

Chris Coyier

Chris Coyiers YouTube channel CSS Tricks is about CSS.

Chris Coyier – If you have visited CSS Tricks, you know how skilled Chris Coyier is at making magic with CSS. His YouTube channel is also about CSS, web development, and new technologies. Chris uploads videos now and then, so he won’t bother you with dozens of notifications.

By carefully watching his YouTube videos, you will undoubtedly sharpen your CSS skills. Of course, you have to write the code yourself to learn all the tricks.

Don’t forget – watching a video isn’t enough. Practice makes you a better coder!

Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell is an expert who shares cool CSS tricks on YouTube.

Kevin Powell – Just like Chris Coyier, Kevin Powell is a renowned expert who shares cool CSS tricks on YouTube. However, he prefers a more friendly approach so that amateurs might be more comfortable with his style. What matters is that both of them are experts, and we all have a lot to learn from them.

One of the pillars of his success is the short videos that are filled with valuable tips. You open your code editor and a video from Kevin’s channel, watch the explanations, and type the code. In this way, you learn a new technique hassle-free.

Over to You

These 20 YouTube channels to learn web development are enough even for the most demanding people. These channels cover everything – from HTML and CSS fundamentals to machine learning, data science, and Python.

Besides these, many skilled developers share coding best practices, workflow tricks, and personal struggles.

Of course, the list isn’t complete. There are many other YouTube channels that deserve mention here, so leave a comment with the YouTube channels I missed. Please let us know your opinion about our suggestions, too.

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