Those individuals who are new to the writing field may find it hard to get fluent in their content.

They make such mistakes in the lines that could disturb the entire meaning of the blog.

It is not a difficult task to come over these hurdles and get perfection in the writing field, still, some individuals may need assistance here.

The reason is that new individuals don’t have much idea what factors can increase or decrease the value of their content.

Therefore, they need proper assistance that can guide them comprehensively and help them in making the lines engaging for the audience.

The best way for polishing the writing skills and getting betterment in the content is by using online tools that help in improving the text quality and making it more engaging for the readers.

Writers must get help from these online tools to increase the readability of the lines. 

These helpful tools will help in figuring out the mistakes in the lines and improving the text quality.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about the list of top online writing tools that can be helpful in polishing your text quality.

Top Online Writing Tools To Polish Your Writing Skills

To polish your writing skills and make content appealing to the audience, there are a number of online writing tools available.

In this article, we are going to talk about the most important writing and helpful tools that are needed by all writers and can help them in making their lines more appealing.

Let’s dive deep and talk about these helpful tools and their benefits in the writing field.

Online Notepad

With Online Notepad you can take or create quick notes on the go.

Online Notepad – The most important thing that can help you in making the content more appealing is by presenting it in a proper structure.

You have to make sure that the article contains headings and subheadings so that the readers can easily go through the lines.

To make it easy, you can go for an online notepad that offers a lot of features to increase the appeal factor of the content.

This online tool will allow you to add titles to the content to make the important lines more clear to the readers.

Also, you can change the text style, size, and color in this online tool. This factor will help you in highlighting the important points.

The best feature of this online text editor is that it offers a Google search option that you can use to search for particular terms without going to another tab. 


With the Rephraser online tool you can create multiple versions of the same text.

Rephraser – While writing articles from scratch, sometimes you may be short of ideas.

Here is the thing you will do to copy the ideas of other authors and use them in your way.

When you copy the ideas of other authors, it may happen that you use the same copied lines in the content which may make the lines plagiarized.

If you are looking to come over this issue and want to keep the lines unique, this paraphrasing tool can be a handy option for you.

When you upload the article to this online tool, it spins the entire content and replaces the text with its synonyms to make the lines unique.

This online rephraser keeps a big library of synonyms that helps in eliminating the same text from the lines and making the new version of the article different from the original one.

Moreover, if you already have content present in your system and want to improve its quality, this online tool can be quite handy in this regard as well.


Grammarly check the grammatical errors in the content and highlights them.

Grammarly – Submitting your blogs without eliminating the grammar mistakes from the lines will reduce the worth of the content.

Readers will find it hard to understand the meaning of the content. Therefore, it is very important to make the content grammatically perfect.

Grammarly is an amazing online tool that figures out the grammatical errors in the content and highlights them.

Not only this, but the tool also suggests changes that you can apply to the content to increase the fluency of the text.

You just have to click on the highlighted text and it will get changed to the suggested one. This is an amazing way to remove grammar mistakes from the content.

By removing all these mistakes from your content, you can increase the engagement factor in your content and make it more informative for the audience.

Word Counter

With the Word counter online tool you can check the number of word in your content.

Word Counter – If you think that the worth of the article can be increased by making it lengthy, you might be wrong or ill-informed. 

Search engines give preference to qualitative content over quantitative.

You can’t increase the length of your blog post intentionally. 

In fact, the article should be short and to the point.

Getting control over the word count and sticking with the actual point will make the content more attractive to the readers.

Therefore, you can get help from an online word count tool that will tell you the total number of words and characters in the lines.

You can also check the number of pages that are taken to cover the content.

If the text is increasing the required limit, you can simply remove it from there.

In the top right side of the tool, you can also check the keyword density. 

This element will help you keep the flow natural and avoid keyword stuffing in the lines.


Copyleaks help you detect plagiarism and paraphrased content.

Copyleaks – You can’t upload plagiarized content in your blog post or you will have to face a copyright strike by the search engine.

Therefore, it is very important to eliminate the copied lines from the content and make it 100% unique for the audience.

Manually it can be difficult to figure out plagiarized lines from the article, therefore the best way is to get help from this online duplication detector that will help you find out the copied text from the blog.

When you upload the article to this online tool, it reads the content deeply and matches every line on the search engine with the relevant topics.

The text that gets matched with any other source gets highlighted. You can easily remove those lines from the article and make the content free of plagiarism.

This will help you take the uniqueness percentage graph to 100% and make the liens full of information for the readers.

The online tool create unique blog post and articles in a few seconds. – Are you anxious about generating new ideas in the content? Do you want a tool that can assist you in polish your writing content from scratch?

If yes, this AI article writer is the perfect choice for you. This online tool will help you in generating unique blogs in a few seconds that will be 100% unique.

You just have to enter the main keyword and the title of the topic for which you want to generate the article. 

After that, select the category of the content that you want, i.e. informative, descriptive, argumentative, or just main headings.

The Artificial Intelligence tool will generate a new article for you in a very short time that will be unique and easily understandable for the readers.

The best thing about this online tool is that it avoids using fancy terms in the content and tries to keep the lines simple and easy to understand for everyone.


With Summarizing online tool you can generate a summary of a content in just a few seconds.

Summarizing – Sometimes, it is necessary to get the abstract of the article so that the readers can easily understand the main points of the topic without reading the entire article.

The best way of generating the summary of the content is by using this online text summarizer that will provide you with the juice of the content in just a few seconds.

When you upload the article to this online tool, it goes through each of the lines and understands the main intent of the topic.

After that, this summarizing tool takes out the important points from the lines and properly presents them using bullet points.

This online tool doesn’t miss any important point from the topic thus making sure to give you the perfect abstract of the content.


Wordtune is a powerful and simple-to-use AI-powered tool.

Wordtune is a powerful and simple-to-use AI-free powered tool that can help you suggest various ways to improve your sentences and content to become more compelling and authentic.

Install the Wordtune Google Chrome extension or the Wordtune for Microsoft Word add-in, both of which are free. Nevertheless, there are different plans to choose from, including Free, Premium, and Premium for Teams. Choose the plan you need.

Wordtune is a multi-platform extension that works with Gmail, Google Docs, Outlook (web version), Facebook, Whatsapp (web version), and with Microsoft Word (add-in).

Wordtune is a tool we recommend to anyone who wants to improve their writing skills. Some capabilities that Wordtune offers are: Rewrite suggests ways to phrase your text. With Tone & Length, you can choose the tone and length. Translate and Rewrite simultaneously.

We have used Wordtune in-house for a while, and it is a flexible tool for improving content. In addition to blogging, the tool can also be used to create documents, presentations, and more.

Final Thoughts

Improving content quality is not difficult anymore because of online writing tools. You can polish your writing skills and make the lines more engaging for the readers because of these online tools.

These AI helpful tools give you suggestions that can make your lines more engaging and make it more appealing to the audience.

Here we have discussed the best online writing tools that can be quite handy in this regard and helpful in making the article interesting and helping you polish your writing skills.

You must give all these online helpful tools a try so that the quality of the content doesn’t get affected and you can easily grab the attention of readers and get better ranks in the search engines.

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Thanks for your support.

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