Nowadays, online job directory sites have become a better source of income. As people are always searching for new jobs or better-paying positions- a site that lists the job posts is a great way to help them and helps the site owners to earn a passive income.

Creating an online job board is a complicated task. Today, several job board plugins in the market help you build an organized career page.

These plugins help beginners and advanced people efficiently manage job listings and maintain their company profiles. Also, it allows the applicants to submit their job applications and view the job status.

Here, we discuss how to create a job board for your WordPress website.

Job Manager & Career Plugin

Job Manager & Career WordPress plugin.

Role Of Online Job Board Plugins

The online job board plays a significant role in the current scenario. It lets the employees post the job openings and helps the job seekers to apply for the corresponding post quickly.

With the online job board plugins, you can perform all the necessary tasks for the career page. If you use a WordPress website, you can opt for any job board plugins to create and customize the career page.

Creating a job board for your website has become an excellent method to gain traffic to your website. Some people regularly visit these career pages seeking new job opportunities. As a result, it brings new visitors to your website and helps you boost the website ranking.

Essential Features for Job Board Websites

Before you create a job board for your website, there are some features you should know about. Also, make sure all these features are listed in your job directory.  

Some of the essential features for your job directory are:

A Simple Job Board

Having an optimized job board for your website lets the job seekers quickly apply for the job post. It can also make the process much more straightforward and help the applicants apply for the job post without further confusion.

Search and Filtering Options

Adding the option to search or filter the job post based on location, job type, or any other factors helps the applicants easily sort out the job posts accordingly.

Also, adding filter options in your job directory makes the board more precise by eliminating the need to spend long hours finding the job post that matches their skills.

Describe Your Job Post

Each job post you are listing should be well described with enough details. It lets the employer provide a better idea of the job to the employee, like required experience, needed skills, responsibilities for the employee, etc.

Responsive Screen

There is no use in setting up a job board without making it responsive. So make sure the WordPress theme you choose is responsive to all screens like desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. 

Customization Options

Always choose a plugin that provides customization options for all the features it includes. For example, you may need to customize different areas of your job board based on your needs or depending on the job directory type.

So, choosing a plugin that lets you customize the job board from scratch to align helps you create a job directory more precisely.

How To Create a Job Board For Your WordPress Website

As discussed above, you can quickly create a job board for your WordPress website using job board plugins. However, the Job Manager & Career plugin is one of the best job board plugins that lets you create and manage the career page.

For setting up a job board, install the Job Manager & Career plugin on your WordPress website.

Once the plugin is activated, add a new page and provide a title for the page. Also, add a shortcode block to the description and paste the following shortcode on the block.


Click on the Publish button to save the changes.

Add New Job

You can add new job posts to the careers page from Job Listings.

You can add new job posts to the careers page from Job Listings > Add New. Enter the title and description of the job post. Also, choose the category, location, and type of the created job post. It helps the applicants to analyze more about the job post.

Add Location, Category, and Job Types

For each job post, the category, location, and job type may be varying. Adding new locations and categories lets you choose the specific one while setting up the job post. Else, you can add the corresponding details regarding the job post while adding them.

You can add the category, location, and job type from the Categories, Locations, and Job Types submenu, respectively. Click on the desired submenu and provide the corresponding details to add them for any job post. 

Add Job Features

Add additional details related to the job post like experience, age, and salary using the Add Feature option. Besides that, you can add custom fields in the apply now form and set the job’s expiry date.

You can add details related to the job post like experience, age, and salary.

The plugin allows you to feature any particular job with a special badging. So, urgent jobs can be highlighted and quickly noticed by applicants. Also, it lets you mark the filled jobs.

Manage Job Posts & Applicants 

Once the job posts are posted, you can edit them from the plugin’s dashboard. You can get the job posts’ preview and move the posts to the trash from the plugin dashboard.

When the job posts are posted, you can edit them from the plugin's dashboard.

From the All Applicants submenu of the plugin, you can manage the applicants for the job posts. Applicants can also be filtered based on their current status and job post like the job post.

The number of reviewed, shortlisted, and selected applicants will be displayed on the top of the All Applicants submenu. Also, the total number of job listings will be mentioned over there. It helps the employees to get a better idea about the applicants.

Search & Filters

Add a search option to the job listings and help the applicants quickly access the job post based on keywords, categories, types, and locations.

General Settings

Besides the normal list layout, the Job Manager and Career plugin provide an accordion layout. Also, you can decide the number of job posts to be shown on a single page, choose the loading style, and upload GIFs for the load more option.

Color Theme

The Job Manager plugin allows you to edit the text, hover, and background color of the job title and description. Also, you can customize the button color of the careers page.

Advanced Settings

Job Manager plugins advanced settings.

Enable the captcha option from the plugin settings and keep the application protected from spam. The plugin’s advanced settings let you set the minimum and maximum size of the file upload and choose the file upload format.

Email Notifications

With the Job Manager plugin, the admins can set the email triggers and quickly manage the applicant emails. You can create new email triggers, and based on the combination set here; the emails will be sent to the applicant.

In the Job Manager plugin, you can set the email triggers and quickly manage the applicant emails.

The admins can also edit the content for each status like new application, pending, rejected, etc. You can edit the corresponding email status’s subject, heading, and content.  

Export Settings

The plugin lets you quickly transfer the settings data of the plugin from one install to another. You can transfer the settings by copying the text inside plugin settings data. 

Final Words

Let it be any reason that made you learn how to create a job board on your WordPress website; we think you don’t need to invest a lot of effort in building a job board. Job Manager & Career plugin is a simple job board plugin that helps you create an organized career page.

Besides bringing more traffic to your website, the job board helps you earn a new income source by listing the job openings. So, it is essential to select the right plugin for your job board creation. Always do proper research about the chosen plugin and ensure that all your requirements are met.

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