For everyone who wants to create a website dedicated to appointment-related business, among all the options available, there is, actually, only one that attracts with its simplicity and abundance of functionalities, combined in a single package.

This option implies organizing of online presence with the help of popular CMS equipped with a custom-made template, that has all the necessary features, crucial for an appointment-based niche.

In this overview, you will be introduced to several examples of WP themes, that cater to educational organizations, beauty services, and photographers’ websites.

All of the presented options were created with the special needs of these businesses in mind. And it’s not surprising, since they were produced by one of the leading companies in the niche of appointment-based software development.

A Short Introduction to the Background

MotoPress is a team of devoted professionals who have been operating since 2012 in the realm of WP product development. Their initial offerings included general-purpose tools, such as Content Editor, a user-friendly drag-and-drop website editor.

However, soon the creation of plugins and templates dedicated to booking and appointment-based businesses became their primary focus.

Since the foundation of the company, about 50 different products have been created, including a set of booking WordPress themes, Hotel templates, WooCommerce-focused designs, a package of Gutenberg blocks (namely the Getwid plugin), and a multitude of specialized tools catering to the unique needs of appointment-related businesses.

Offering an array of tools and services, MotoPress has carved out a niche for itself as the ultimate destination for multiple businesses seeking to establish, expand, and sustain their digital footprint effortlessly.

With an unwavering commitment to customer happiness and a deep-rooted understanding of the WordPress landscape, MotoPress has managed to foster a faithful clientele while earning a shining reputation in the realm of digital solutions.

Returning to the topic at hand, one of the most appealing aspects of MotoPress themes is the inclusion of a corresponding premium plugin right from the start. These plugins are tailor-made for the specific type of business each WP template targets.

This convenience makes it incredibly easy for business owners to kick off their new online projects and guarantees they have all the essential tools readily available. Now, let’s dive into the details.

Edme — WP Education Template

Edme — WP Education Template

Edme — WP Education Template – Are you in search of an impeccable solution for educational institutions to seamlessly market their lessons or courses both online and offline? Behold this WP template, crafted specifically to cater to educational requirements.

Harmoniously bringing together the aspirations of schools, tutoring centers, and individual instructors, Edme showcases their prized offerings while providing customers the ease of reserving slots online through a user-friendly booking wizard.

Boasting a rich array of course-centric pages, well-organized course categories, bespoke tutor profiles, and Elementor’s robust foundation, Edme is one of the best options for those eager to elevate their educational endeavors.

Moreover, the built-in Stratum plugin’s capabilities offer the luxury to tweak every nook and cranny of the theme, employing eye-catching animations, specialized tabs, and other attractive design components.

Sweetening the deal, Edme comes hand-in-hand with the Appointment Booking plugin at no extra charge. This first-class tool assists in streamlining courses, orchestrating tutors, and fashioning timetables for both virtual and in-person learning appointments.

The theme has a limitless roster of staff, customizable appointment durations, both group and one-on-one sessions, seamless online payment processing, automated email notifications, as well as convenient client management while allowing multiple reservations at once.

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Lotus Spa — Beauty Salon WP Theme

Lotus Spa — Beauty Salon WP Theme

Lotus Spa — Beauty Salon WP Theme – Lotus Spa caters to an array of businesses, from spa sanctuaries and hairdressing havens to nail and hair studios — all those who are interested in appointment booking solutions.

The template includes a top-notch booking plugin at no additional cost, empowering entrepreneurs to manage a seamless, fully automated online resource for their beauty industry enterprise, akin to driving a well-oiled and fully fueled car.

Some standout features include adaptable personal schedules, group and individual appointments, and automated emails. Furthermore, a user-friendly booking wizard with customizable fields helps to simplify the reservation process for customers.

Tailored for beauty businesses, the template comes with ready-made pages for pricing lists, treatments, gift cards, and more.

The Elementor and Stratum plugins endow Lotus Spa with unbeatable customization capabilities, while the booking plugin grants entrepreneurs the liberty to incorporate multiple locations and assign different assistants and services to them.

Also, it is possible to set any duration and price for services, as well as adjust their capacity and allow customers to bring extra people.

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Pixetty — WP Photography Booking Template

Pixetty — WP Photography Booking Template

Pixetty — WP Photography Booking Template – Photographers and studios yearning to streamline their appointment scheduling process can find solace in this solution. Crafted with a versatile design, the template caters to the needs of photographers, videographers, and other creatives by incorporating the booking plugin for hassle-free online reservations and transactions.

By establishing a website with Pixetty, entrepreneurs can free up a significant portion of time for their artistic endeavors while entrusting the template with all their appointment scheduling concerns.

Boasting a daring and fashionable design, the template captivates clients with expansive photo and video galleries, augmented by fluid animation effects for an unparalleled portfolio browsing experience.

The carefully crafted pages offer ample room and resources to showcase photos, team members, and essential messages. The Getwid add-on presents an array of over 40 distinct design patterns for comprehensive customization purposes.

With the booking plugin, entrepreneurs can manage appointments, perform services categorization, and handle an unlimited number of staff members, each with their individual work schedules.

Equipped with tools to tailor session duration, cost, and locations, this plugin accommodates both online and on-site payments while allowing sessions to be reserved in various studios. Additionally, it automates communication with clients and integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar.

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Final Words

As a business owner whose operations revolve around appointment scheduling, rest assured that MotoPress’s multitude of choices will cater to your unique requirements. Pay attention to the fact, that every template goes with valuable additions, like a booking plugin and Getwid blocks.

Furthermore, certain themes boast Stratum Elementor add-ons, which enable the incorporation of image hotspots, sophisticated sliders, and a plethora of inventive widgets to enhance your website’s appeal.

This article is a guest post by MotoPress.

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